Grades 6 & 7

with Shani Newman


February 12, 2012
In Shani’s absence, we were joined by Brianna, Rebecca, and Ricki! We accomplished so much. We started with some text study, reminding ourselves of key passages from Genesis and Exodus with Brianna. Rebecca led us through an artistic hand-made Midrash exercise – you can see our art work on display at the next First Friday Shabbat Potluck Dinner and Service on March 2 (which we’ll also help lead!!). Finally, Ricki helped prepare us for March 2, reviewing our favorite songs and prayers. Hope to see you there!

February 5, 2012
For Tu B'Shvat the 6th and 7th graders had their class outside. We learned about the seven species and some fruitful traditions. Everyone got a piece of paper and pastels, went to their own space in nature, and drew a picture for Tu B'shvat, which were hung up. Since Tu B'shvat is related to planting of the trees and rebirth we also talked about death. The groups were split up and presented to each other birth and death.

January 22, 2012
In class we explored the importance of being Jewish and what it specifically means to be Jewish (rather than another religion – or no religion). We talked about Jewish behaviors followed by a quick game of name the person who said this quote. All the people named were Jews, and it was easy for them to be Jewish. We had music with Ricki and finally the class decided what they wanted to do for a project to introduce a part of Judaism to the other YAFE classes, for next week. 

December 4, 2011

The 6th and 7th graders teamed up with Briannas class. We first talked as a group what change means, and how you have to struggle to make change. Then we watched a short clip of the story of Jacob and Esah, and how Jacob struggled to change. The two classes then split up into 4 groups and each group created 3 scenes from the story. Each group was only allowed paper and glue, so that the figures would be just figures. 


November 20, 2011

Our theme for this Family Education Day was Kehillah Kedoshah. Check out our pictures, they're worth 1000 words!


November 13, 2011

We began the lesson with two truths and a lie, where everyone came up with two true statements about themselves and one false, and everyone had to guess which one was false. Then we looked at how Truth or honesty plays a role true Judaism, and what Beit Shammai and Beit Hillel had to say about truth. We then split up into 2 groups, each group had to respond to a scenario that each house would have responded to the scenarios. The class was joined with the 4th and 5th graders, which we concluded our day with havdallah.


November 6, 2011

We went in a circle saying are siblings name, ages, and something unique about our siblings. After learning about each sibling each one of the 6th and 7th grader filled out a questioner. We then learned about the story of Cain and Abel a story in the Torah about these two brothers and what we can learn about them. There are many details missing from the story, so we made skits explaining what might have happened. We ended with the song game.

October 30, 2011
Parents got to learn firsthand with their children about the process for becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Beth Israel Judea. During the class children and parents split up, and the children learned the beginning and ending prayers for reading the torah. Together they prioritized 18 Jewish values according to which they feel are most important and least important. Each child is encouraged to find a mitzvah project that matches one of their family’s top ranked values.

October 16, 2011
Following t'fillah our class joined our fellow students in Jamie's class for music time. After we discussed the meanings and history of Simchat Torah then applied that to our own interests to design and create our holiday prayer flag for students to take home. After a brief hafsakah, our class ventured to the BIJ Sukkah to revisit various topics and blessings of Sukkot, shake the lulav, and have a snack.
October 9, 2011
The morning began with a slideshow presentation about a boy who is helping his father build their sukkah. He describes the holiday and explained why we construct a temporary dwelling each year. We had a fantastic day learning about Sukkot and the traditional ushpizin (guests) who are invited. We discussed characteristics of each character and why they deserve to be invited to the sukkah each year. It was a great opportunity to refresh our memories about our forefathers. Together everyone made paper doll chains of the ushpizin that they want to invite into their sukkah.
September 25, 2011
The 6th and 7th graders were visited by the 1st through 3rd graders and were paired up with a buddy. When the kids got together they made holiday cards for Rosh Hashana the new year. After learning a little more about the new year and some of the customs, we talked about Yom Kippur. For Yom Kippur the 6th and 7th graders wrote down on a paper one bad thing they wanted to throw away, and repent for in the recycling bin.
September 18, 2011
In the 6-7 grade class we are still getting to know everyone just a little bit better. We started off writing riddles about ourselves, we took turns reading a riddle out loud and the class guessed whose it was. Then we made haiku's about a Jewish activity that they did in the summer. We talked about journeys, the journey the kids are going to take this year, and about two big Jewish journeys: Bar/Bat Mitzvah and weddings. Finally, we presented the two journeys to the 4-5 graders, and they told us what they had learned about havdallah. 
First day of Classes - September 11, 2011

On Sunday we made welcome signs for the New Year. On each sign, which was drawn with pastels, they wrote welcome to school, and they put their favorite Jewish holiday on it. We talked about the YAFE theme for the year Kehillah Kadoshah, and the four topic-areas we will study: Torah, Avodah, Gmilut Hasadim, and Israel. Then we played hangman for one round in Hebrew, and the word picked was Avodah. We also learned two new Hebrew words; the word for Pirate and giants.