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Weekly updates from our classrooms filled with Jewish learning and exploration!
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February 12, 2012

Grades 1-3 with Brianna and Rikki

Despite a rough patch in respect and attentiveness this week, we discussed one of the most important Jewish holidays of the year: Shabbat! What does it mean to us? How do we observe it? Do we need to observe it exactly as we're told to? How does Shabbat impact our lives and what can we learn/gain from it? Is it a burden or an opportunity? We covered some of these probing questions in class and I encourage you to experience Shabbat in your own home if you do not already! Please parents, remind your children that this class must be taken as seriously as their regular school classes. Next week we will open with a little discussion about respecting the classroom, our classmates, and our teachers. Thank you!


Grades 4 & 5 with Jamie

Following t'fillah we joined Brianna & Rikki's class for Music time with Ricki. After music we had a great weekly check in and brief hafsakah. We then resumed our Shabbat Blessings study by first reviewing last week's learning, then concluded with the remaining blessings. While still in music day mode we sang some Shabbat songs. I then did individual student assessments of Hebrew blessing skills (reading the hebrew/transliterations/understandings of translations and points of reference). Closure consisted of review of the day lesson and homework.

*Homework is to study the parts of the Blessing booklet we reviewed and (if possible) to model study skills with sibling(s) and/or parent(s), then using their knowledge in Shabbat observance at home/temple and reporting back on the experience.


Grades 6 & 7 with Shani

In Shani’s absence, we were joined by Brianna, Rebecca, and Ricki! We accomplished so much. We started with some text study, reminding ourselves of key passages from Genesis and Exodus with Brianna. Rebecca led us through an artistic hand-made Midrash exercise – you can see our art work on display at the next First Friday Shabbat Potluck Dinner and Service on March 2 (which we’ll also help lead!!). Finally, Ricki helped prepare us for March 2, reviewing our favorite songs and prayers. Hope to see you there!


Grades 8-10 with Dona

This week, 8-11th graders discovered their inner-poets! With slam poetry a hot style of expression, students wrote their own slam poems about Pride, Struggle, and History of their own experiences and of the Jewish people. We watched the recent video I Am Jewish and the popular Hebrew Mamita, finding many things in common with these performers. We look forward to students' performances and Gabby's program next week!