Old cities of Bihar

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  •  Patna -About 200 years ago(Click)
  • The city of Patna, including the suburbs, in 1810 AD,was about six miles in length, and skirt the Ganges. The breadth, in noplace, exceeded half a mile. There was one street tolerably wide that run from the eastern to the western gate, but it was by no means straight not regularly built. The main attraction of Bankipore was the maidan, around which were a large number of very fine European residences, standing in well-laid-out gardens ....
  • Gaya-About 200 years ago(Click)
  • The town of Gaya, in about 1810 AD, consisted of two parts : one the residence of the priests, which properly was called Gaya ; and the other the residence of lawyers and tradesmen,  was called Sahebgunj.The buildings of old town of Gaya were much better than those of Sahebgunj. In both towns  galleries or shops were often painted very gaudily with strange caricatures, although not meant for such, of beasts, men and gods.. ....
  • Abdul Latif`s travel of  Bihar- in 1608 A.D(Click)
  • Abdul Latif`s travel of Bihar is rare book is of unique value as giving us the topography of Bihar early in the seventeenth century, and supplementing the very short account incorporated in the Ain-i-Akbari.The Bihar portion of his travels was translated by
    Jadnnath Sarkar..

Bhagalpur, in the year 1800 AD was excellently cultivated and 
finely planted.The town of Bhagalpur was two miles in length, and from one mile to half a mile in width,The houses of the 
Europeans and the Muslim places of worship were great ornaments; but the town consists of scattered market places, meanly built and very inconveniently situated. Round it ,there were tolerable roads, and a few trifling bridges....
  • Ara -About 200 years ago (Click)
  • Darbhanga -About 200 years ago (Coming soon)
  • Muzaffarpur -About 200 years ago (Coming soon)

  • Chhapra -About 200 years ago (Coming soon)
  • Chhapra was  the principal emporium for saltpeter. A prodigious quantity was imported from Patna. It is carried down the Ganges with great facility, and the Dutch and English send large cargoes to many parts of the Indies,and to Europe....
  • Danapur -About 200 years ago (Coming soon)