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A very famous Art was  developed in Patna of Bihar in the eighteenth century . The Style of painting that developed in Patna was known as Company School or Patna Paintings..The famous Patna Style painting of Bihar of the eighteenth century was also called, Company Paintings, as it developed in response to the tastes of Britishers serving with East India Company....

The Sunnaey of Bussent Puchenny by ananomous  painter of Patna School,19th century

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This photograph of the Bihar museum at Patna was taken in the 1870s. Although it was credited to 'Dr Simpson', their is a strong possibility that it was taken by Joseph David Beglar. The photograph is part of the Archaeological Survey of India Collections and shows the museum buildings across a pool with a ghat positioned in front. ...


Holi being played in the courtyard,1795 , Patna style (The Gift of  Elizath Collins.)