Rivers of Bihar in 1810

On 7th of January, 1807, the Court of Directors of the East India Company, ordered for the complete survey
of the Eastern territories of British India. 

The Court ordered that Dr. Francis Buchanan, to be appointed to undertake the survey, with an allowance of 1500 sicca rupees monthly, exclusive of the pay and batta of his rank, and efficient learned assistants, draftsmen, etc. were appointed to execute his instructions. A Topographical account including the extent soil, plains, mountains, rivers, harbours, towns etc. were also surveyed in totality. 

Buchanan surveyed the courses of the rivers of Bihar along with their tributaries and branches in 1810-11 AD and presented a minute accounts of it. Bihar has many rivers and innumerable rivulets. They are shifting their courses . The shifting of the courses and bed over the centuries is very remarkable. Many of the channels mentioned in that survey have now become dead , dried or even instinct. The minute account of the courses of the rivers of Bihar in about 200 years ago, is
 very important and interesting for making the comparison with their present courses. 

Relevance and Importance

At present, the ecological unbalance and many other factors are contributing to the great losses to ecology of Bihar and negativities are resulted in forms of massive flood ,soil-erosion etc. These statements of the old courses of the rivers of Bihar may be relevant and interesting in finding solutions to the above environmental issues.

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