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The strong pillars...

In the year 1792, sugar rose by degrees to an enormous price in Great Britain.In consequence, the East India Company were called upon to lend their assistance to lowering of the price of sugar. On the 15th of March 1792, his Majesty's Ministers to the British Parliament,presented a report related to production of sugar in British India. Lieutenant J. Paterson, of then Bengal establishment, reported that sugar could be cultivated in Bihar with many superior advantages, and at less expense than in the West Indies.As a result, a no. of sugar factories were established in Bihar

The Unique culture...

The earliest reference to Maithili or Tirhutiya is in Amaduzzi's preface to Beligatti's Alphabetum Brammhanicum, published in 1771. This contains a list of Indian languages amongst which is ' Tourutiana.' Colebrooke in his essay on the Sanskrit and Prakrit languages written in the year 1801, is the first to describe Maithili as a distinct dialect....

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..Chuprah (Chhapra) is the principal emporium for saltpeter. A prodigious quantity is imported  from Patna. It is carried down the Ganges with great facility, and the Dutch and English send large cargoes to many parts of the Indies,and to  Europe..-Bernier, François in Travels in the Mogul Empire, A.D. 1656-1668

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