Suunto KB-14 Compass

Suunto KB-14 Compass

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Suunto KB-14 Compass

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Product Description :

        Product DescriptionFEATURES of the KB-14 Compass by Suunto Accuracy 1/3 Graduation interval 0.5 Anodized light-alloy housing Optical adjustment Damping liquid Jeweled bearing Declination correction (in D-versions) Nylon pouch with belt-loop Lanyard Available for 5 geographic balancing zones 2-year warranty SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 75 x 52 x 15mm Weight: 115 g Compass: accuracy 1/3 Adjustable declination correction scale: optional Anodized light-alloy housing Graduation interval: 1/2 Lanyard and brass loop Nylon pouch with belt-loop Optical adjustment Thread hole for tripod

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