2XU Compression Women's Trisuit

2XU Compression Women's Trisuit

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2XU Compression Women's Trisuit

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        Product DescriptionThe art of competition requires that undefinable 'edge.' But, after you've buried yourself in training, selected all of the best hardware, and get your diet dialed-in to obsessive levels, where do you find the remaining edge? Well, if you're ready for everything that cutting-edge apparel science has to offer, the 2XU Compression Women's Trisuit is your missing link to success. 2XU constructed the main body from its 105D/CK fabric. We know, we're not fans of titles filled with seemingly arbitrary numbers and letters, either. So, let's make some sense of this fabric. Basically, the '105D' stands for 105 denier. What's a denier? Simply put, a denier is a unit of measure for the weight of a fabric. Technically speaking, it measures a fabric's grams-per-9000-meters. And while a typical recovery compression piece features a material choice around 200 deniers and up, the Trisuit uses a lighter, less constricting 105 denier fabric. This means that you still receive a focused, graduated compression, but the most direct gains are made through limiting muscle oscillation. So, whether you're getting slapped by wakes, getting rattled in the saddle, or pummeled by your pounding on the pavement, the 105D/CK fabric provides an enhanced level of muscle support that will minimize fatigue. And on the subject of fatigue, we'll jump into the main draw of the Trisuit, its compressive qualities. You hear the term 'compression' thrown out there often. However, its true meaning, especially for race-day applications, is typically shrouded in ubiquity. So, forget what you've heard about lactic acid suppression, and enter into the world of enhanced blood circulation. Without getting too scientific, 2XU designed the Trisuit to have different strengths of compression in accordance to a position's distance from the heart. So, the further from the heart, the stronger the fabric compression, and the closer to the heart, the lower the compression.

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