Bible study modules written by Christadelphian authors (mainly) 

for use in Bible Software programs such as E-Sword, TheWord, MySword, iBibleStudy-HD,  and Online Bible

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Maintained by Brian Armour of Queensland, Australia.  Last updated 1 January 2015

G'day there!   I've been working on importing the Logos Publications Expositor Series with all the Book, Chapter, and Verse Notes plus Other Notes into E-Sword, E-Sword for iPad, TheWord, MySword, OnlineBible and iBibleStudy-HD. 

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Latest additions  1 January 2015 All Logos Expositors for OnlineBible.
All Logos Expositors modules are offered here with the gracious permission of Logos Publications.  
The original Expositors may be purchased as printed books from the Logos website. (www.Logos.org.au)

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Beginning 1 Jan. 2015