Writing Persuasive Marketing Copies in 4 Steps

A lot of new copywriters face a huge problem with their marketing copies. Their copies don’t convert that good. Well, as more and more people become aware about various marketing techniques, they’ll be able to distinguish a cleverly written marketing copy with an obvious motive from a few honest paragraphs.

The thing that bothers me the most is that majority of these people involved with copywriting don’t research about the new psychology, and hence the keep failing.

Persuasive copies can however be created based on a simple structure that’s really proven to convert really well, deal with the best essay writing service team to get the perfect guidance on the same.

Here’s the formula in a nutshell:

What I’m offering you

How it will help you

Who I am

What’s next to do for you

1. What I’m offering you

If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, you’ve got to give them an overview of what it does.

Don’t go deep down the elaborating path at first. Just let them know what’s it’s really about. Check the below overview for example:

A step-by-step study course that helps struggling entrepreneurs learn how to turn more visitors into customers.

Before they lose the feeling of your product from their heads, jump straight into step two.

2. How it will help you

This is an important part of any marketing campaign. You have to be clear while explaining to potential customers what your product is going to offer them.

In this process, you have to:

Sound authentic.

Explain the main features of your product in an attractive way.

Show off the reputation of your product by displaying / telling potential customers about your previous customers who were happy with your product.

Create an all-round well impression of your product in your potential customers’ minds.

Remember, you should focus on the ‘after’ picture more than the ‘before’. This makes users feel that they’re already familiar with your product, and hence are much more likely to convert.

3. Who I am

Now that they already know about your product and how it will make their lives easier, they would want to know who is selling the product. Who they are making a purchase from. Are you an established authority in your field, known to be the next rising superstar, or a blackhatworld scammer trying to make some quick bucks working from his garage?

Eitherway, you have to prove your authority. Show other people what you do, who you interact with, show your social media following etc. It just helps sustain the already gained positive impression about your product.

4. What’s next to do for you

This is the last step of conversion. By this time, potential customers have already known a bit about your product, how it’s going to help them, and also a bit about yourself. Now in this step, you make the sell.

A technique that’s known to be very effective in terms of conversion rates is making things as simple as possible.

So, there are a few things you could do to literally turn most of your potential customers into actual customers:

Make the call-to-actions visible.

Make the sign-up process as painless as possible.

Offer free-trial or full-refund, as they tend to boost the conversion rate even further.


Creating persuasive marketing copies is never too easy. If you follow a proven to be effective structure, you just have higher chance of succeeding with your copy. And, following a structure means it dramatically reduces your research time as well.

So, what other ways do you think are good for writing persuasive copies?