What are the things to follow while writing academic essays and assignments?

Academic essays and assignments constitute pivotal aspects of your learning phase. This is something that almost all universities demand from you as a student. To score good grades in the evaluation process, you need to come up with superlative essays that conform to the globally approved standards or as per the expectations of your concerned universities or colleges. Simply writing something will not help.

Not all will be able to hire professional companies who would efficiently relieve you off the burden of crafting academically sound essays. You have to diligently create academic content by assimilating ideas from various sources. There are many ways for the same. However, some basic considerations are there which you must not overlook. Underlying are some prominent among them.

Grammatical considerations

Academic works need to be written by you in the third person because it is less subjective. Shun personal pronouns like ‘my or ’I’. Use complete words like ’did not’ instead of didn’t. Always steer clear of conversational phrases, clichés and metaphors. Purely objective content will only serve the purpose for you. Stay away from making basic grammatical errors. Though the evaluator will not be keen about grammar as facts and ideas are more important, still too many errors can create a problem.

Formatting conventions

You must leave approximately 2 cms margin from top and bottom. The header/ footer section can be utilized for adding module code details, page numbers and other relevant information. Approx. 3cm and 2.5cm margins should be left on the sides to allow for binding. It is desirable that simple sans serif font fonts like Arial or Verdana be used for legibility. Font size should be 11 as these fonts are large-sized. You must religiously adhere to the global standards for optimum impression on the appraiser. However, it is important to note that different universities have different guidelines for formatting. We provide quality essay writing service for all students.


Try to capture the essence of the theme in a sentence. You should consider the importance of theme and the evidences that you are going to furnish to prove your point. An ideal writer always refers to the source of the evidence and links the paragraph to the main theme of the academic writing in minimal words. Try to deliver stunning content that would secure you maximum marks. Factual and descriptive information should be included with examples and supportive data with quotes and through paraphrasing of source material in your own words. Bring in evidence based on its inherent weight to make the assertion convincing.


This is a very vital phase if you want to succeed with your academic essays. It is not just about the academic essays. A lot of other things are equally important. Typos can do a lot of damage. Sentence construction should not appear weird and punctuations should be taken care of.

If you consider above detailed factors with enough importance, best grades are guaranteed. Before submitting, seek assistance from other experts who can help you in any relevant way possible. This is always recommended, regardless of your expertise.