How to Write the Vanderbilt University Essay 2022-2023?

How to Write the Vanderbilt University Essay 2022-2023?

Vanderbilt University is one of the best research universities that comprise three undergraduate schools: the College of arts sciences, the College of engineering and the top-ranked Peabody College of education and human development.

The institution provides itself with an environment that strikes a perfect balance between high academic standards and a supportive involved student community. As a result, the university is constantly ranked as having one of the happiest students in the country. However, one must ensure that their response to the Vanderbilt single supplemental essay prompt stands out due to these stringent admission statistics. Acceptance here is highly coveted, and the admission rate was only 6.7%.

Does Vanderbilt require additional essays?

Vanderbilt is one of the top highest-ranked colleges. However, it has an acceptance rate of just 9%, and it is ranked as highly competitive.

Vanderbilt's application is relatively straightforward, and they accept different application formats like the common and coalition applications besides the quest bridge. Therefore, besides the edition required for the definitive collection of quest bridge, Vanderbilt also needs one supplemental essay. However, only one prompt has a 400-word limit, so one doesn't have to choose between various prompts.

Tips for writing the Vanderbilt essay

Start writing

Starting with the step sounds the easiest, but it is the hardest. No matter what one has to do, whether free writing or brain programming pumping out the first draft as fast as possible, one needs to do it. At this point, one doesn't need to worry about quality or being impressive. They just need to get words down on paper so that they can edit them into the shape later. Some steps are as follows -


Here is where one needs to start worrying about the quality. First, they need to read the essay aloud and see if they can spot problems with the word choice and flow. Then, if they struggle to read it, they need to change the words and add some punctuation if necessary.

Consider asking for feedback.

One of the best ways to find holes in one’s logic or other issues in their essay is to get others to give feedback. Furthermore, one needs to find people who want to see them succeed but preferably not those who are not going to give criticism if they need it.

What does Vanderbilt look for in essays?

It is a classic extracurricular activity essay, so one must always make for the best essay. Furthermore, when writing the Vanderbilt essay, one needs to consider some tips and tricks.

Be specific about the why and how

The admission committee does not want to know what one did. Instead, they are looking for why they pursued this opportunity and how they contributed to their theme boss or community, and what skills they gained that they can bring to Vanderbilt.

Show your unique expertise and values.

One needs to start the description of where they began, and upping the ante by showing how quickly they can become an expert by exceeding the capabilities of others on the team reveals some impressive values of adaptability and critical thinking. Then, one needs to level up further and realize how their work has meaningful real-world applications. Lastly, it shows more insight and gives the essay a great why this all matters movement.

Why Vanderbilt conclusion

The conclusion is essential because Vanderbilt doesn't have a why us? When brainstorming the essay, they need to look at the different activities and pick which ones to continue doing and take the experience or knowledge and then apply them to one specific part of the Vanderbilt community. Finally, the student needs to show that research by alluding to their future.

How do you approach the Vanderbilt essay?

One might feel pressured even before they think of applying because of the Vanderbilt's competitive applicant pool. However, they don't need to stress as everyone needs to start somewhere.

Tips for approaching the Vanderbilt essay

Choose the extracurricular activities

One should not try to write without a plan and hope for inspiration. They need to start with a self-reflection and brainstorming session instead. Next, they must put together the entire list of everything they do outside their schoolwork, even if it is not some job or a formal club. It might be an initiative they started, a volunteering experience or any other internship.

Their response should not list their extracurriculars as they already have done that in another part of the application. It doesn't have to be an honour society or anything that seems to be quite impressive. One needs to show the admissions committee their patients outside their studies and demonstrate they are well-rounded individuals in their interests and hobbies.

Start the essay

The 400-word limit might seem like more than supplemental college essays, which are around 200 to 250-word limits first, but one can and must take advantage of having more space to write. They can dig down into extracurricular activities and focus on that one activity and share something about how it has significantly impacted them.

How do I write my Vanderbilt supplemental essay?

When it comes to writing the Vanderbilt supplemental essays, then one needs to consider the following features –

Write about themselves

One knew that this essay prompts about the extracurricular they have done. They must keep the story unique to their experience and focus on how they have changed. The point of supplemental essays is for the admissions committee to know who they are.

Says something new

One must have to write at least one personal essay or statement for the quest bridge application. In addition, they need to ensure they discuss a new topic in their supplemental article, so the reader does not have to read the same thing repeatedly.

Take advantage of the word limit.

The university gives students a generous amount of space to write about extracurricular activities. However, they need to show their commitment to a specific activity and show the admissions committee they can do the same as a part of the university.

In conclusion, irrespective of when they apply, the college application process might be stressful. Therefore, one should not start writing until they have a plan.