How Does the Strategy Use Focus Points Help You Write a Problem-and-Solution Essay?

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How Does the Strategy Use Focus Points Help You Write a Problem-and-Solution Essay?

Ideally, a problem solution essay or a problem-solving essay is a type of essay that identifies the problem or issue and Arguments for a potential solution to the same.

One can start by choosing a problem solution topic

One needs to start by thinking about things that bothered them or the problems that they find irritating.

Firstly, one needs to think about different groups they belong to and the problems those groups have.

One also needs to list the issues they have encountered in some groups. For example, sometimes there is a plan for a solution, but it is not working. It may be that the management is not implementing the procedure correctly. Again, the problem doesn't have to be a great one, but it has to do something one can convince other people needs to be and can be solved or at least made better.

Tips for writing a problem solution essay

One must be wondering how they can write a problem solution essay. Firstly the writer needs to know that are three elements to a problem-solution essay. These elements include describing the problem, explaining the solution, and evaluating the outcome. While writing, the writer addresses these three components in three different paragraphs in the main body. As with general articles, the problem solution essay begins with an introductory paragraph and ends with a concluding section. The main body is sandwiched between both of them. Hence the essay is completed in at least five paragraphs.

Describe the problem

One needs to choose a problem to address. Ideally, writers can choose to address the current societal or political issues like substance abuse, child obesity, environmental pollution, etc. Everyone highly recommends that one selects a problem that they feel strongly about and has some familiarity with, so it is easy to research. Writing is relatively more straightforward when the topic is related to one's knowledge. Next, one must study or gather information on the problem. Finally, they need to focus on finding the facts for statistics during the research that prove or demonstrate the seriousness of the issue chosen.

Explain the solution

A solution is a way to solve some problem. The student can resolve some problems easily in more than one way. Everything here depends on the assignment parameters. First, one needs to list the various solutions or choose what they believe is the best solution to the problem. Then, one needs to stage the solutions or best solution in the second body paragraph. The writer also needs to explain why those or that particular solution would be effective and uses facts and statistics to support their opinion.

Evaluate the outcome

Evaluating the outcome is all about determining the result. Therefore, one needs to test the solution and assess and discuss the conclusion. The reason is, that the writer needs to report the research findings in this section of the essay. If the writer cannot perform the solution test, they should explain why they think the current solution would work.