Does it matter where you go to college

There are many options for school graduates nowadays. A wide range of colleges guarantee big opportunities for students; however, the selection of college may become a complicated choice for students and their parents. Anyway, more and more parents nowadays ask themselves a question: "Does it matter where you go to college?”. The opinion that any college will be enough to get some necessary skills and to prepare for the adult life is popular among many young people. However, that is not 100 percent truth. The answer to the above question will depend on the purpose. If you are going to start your small business is one situation and if you are going to become a CEO or president - this is totally another situation. Thereby, to make a choice for the college selection, you have to identify your goal (at least for this moment). 

Why Some Colleges Are Elite?

There is such category of colleges that people call Elite Colleges. You’ve heard a lot about them for sure. There are at list fifteen elite universities in the US, some of them are Ivy League schools, Harvard University, MIT, Stanford, Yale University, and the University of Chicago.People call these colleges and many others Elite not because of some official standard. Surely, there is no such thing as Elite College's standard. However, many young people all over the US and even all over the world spend many hard working years to reach the opportunity to study in one of those colleges and universities. And the statistics show that these efforts are not in vain – graduates from elite top colleges have more chances to get high qualified and best-paid jobs.

What Are The Benefits Of Elite Colleges?

 Top colleges give some undeniable advantages to their students. Before you will select a college, you should think about the potential professional and financial benefits of going to a top college. Maybe these reasons will help you to make your choice. Here are some benefits of Elite colleges:

·                   In such colleges you will be surrounded with like-minded people – incredibly motivated and successful students

·                   Top college will challenge you more academically

·                   Graduates of Elite colleges are more likely to have future professional (and, of course, financial) success. This is a pure statistics – if you will look at the most powerful and successful people in the US, you will find that the majority are the top college's graduates.

Elite Schools and Elite Colleges

There is a strong connection between a college selection and the return of the college investments. If the college gives you more opportunities to find a high paid job, you will have more chances to return your college loan faster. Surely, it is not so simple to become a student in a top college. Many young people start their way to the elite college much earlier – in schools. There is a connection between elite schools and elite colleges and there are more chances to become a student at Yale or Harvard if you were studying in the elite institution.

According to Forbes, 55.9% of powerful women and 85.2% of powerful men are elite institutions graduates. Another interesting statistics - 44.8% of billionaires graduated from elite institutions (as well as 38% of Fortune 500 company CEOs).

There is no doubt that college matters a lot if you have a clear goal. However, you shouldn’t think that the college itself will make all work for you. Colleges give only an opportunity (or many opportunities), but you have to take it and use it properly. Finally, this is possible onlyif you have a clear goal and clear understanding of what you are going to do.