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Photo of male Emperor moth by Martin Harvey

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The Berkshire Moth Group is a friendly group dedicated to moth recording and conservation in the county. This website provides information about some of our activities - use the links on the left to explore the site.

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Moth numbers down in 2020?

In the latest report from Les Finch and Martin Finch they show that for their well-recorded garden location in Maidenhead the numbers of individual moths were well down in 2020 compared to 2019 (see chart below). They also found that moths which overwintered as pupae during the wet winter of 2019-20 did particularly badly in 2020.

This is just a small part of the fascinating information available in their 2020 report for their tetrad in Maidenhead. It provides much food for thought. How did your experience compare to theirs?

You can access the report directly, or look at the complete series via our Bibliography page.

A bumper year for additions to the Berkshire macro-moth list - now up to 646!

Bernard Clark became the first person to add a new macro-moth to the county list in 2020, with his Passenger moth at the beginning of July. Ian Sims was next, with the first Langmaid's Yellow Underwing record in August. In September Marc Botham joined in with Clancy's Rustic.

And the latest addition is Radford's Flame Shoulder, found in October by Suzanne Parrott. All credit to John Thacker for correctly picking out Suzanne's photos on iRecord as a candidate for Radford's rather than the normal Flame Shoulder, and thanks to Steve Nash for providing further confirmation.

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There have been new macros added to the county list in every year now since 2014:

  • 2015: Gypsy Moth and Crescent Dart

  • 2016: Dewick's Plusia and Oak Rustic

  • 2017: Olive Crescent

  • 2018: Southern Chestnut and Feathered Ranunculus

  • 2019: Beautiful Marbled

Plus the four species (so far!) for 2020 (click on images to see all four). Who knows what will be next?

Download the latest county macro-moth checklist as an Excel file or a PDF (version at 8 November 2020).

For a guide to separating Radford's from the usual Flame Shoulder see Chris Lewis' British Lepidoptera website.