Instructors and Dojo Black Belts

Amor A. - Sandan  (3rd degree black belt), Dojo Leader

Amor has been practicing martial arts and Shotokan karate for over 20 years.  She trained mostly under the guidance of the late Godan Daniel Chemla.  Amor co-founded the Berkeley YMCA Dojo in 1995 and has been the dojo leader since 1998. Amor has participated and placed in many sparring tournaments through the years, including finishing 1st place in the women's division at the Central Coast Tournament in 2006.  She was also a West Coast team member that participated in the Nisei Week team tournament in 2011. 
Amor works in the healthcare field.

Vance J. - Sandan  (3rd degree black belt)

Vance started practicing at the Whittier Dojo in 1987.  He moved to the bay area and trained under the late Godan Daniel Chemla.  Vance is currently one of the instructors for the adult classes at the Berkeley YMCA Dojo.  In 1996, Vance won first place in the norcal ska sparring tournament. Vance was promoted to 3rd degree black belt in 2008.
Other than karate, Vance is interested in triathlons and is a finisher of a full Ironman triathlon.
Alex G. - Nidan (2nd degree black belt)

Alex started practicing at Saratoga and Berkeley dojos in 1999.  He is currently one of the instructors for the adult classes and is the lead instructor for the youth class that started in 2011.
Outside of karate practice, Alex is a software engineer who likes to travel and spend time with his family

Hashmat K. - Nidan (2nd degree black belt)

Hashmat started practicing at the Upper Canada Shotokan Dojo in Ottawa, Canada in July 1999 under Roland Duval (godan).  In 2002,  he founded the first SKA London (UK) dojo. Hashmat has participated in many karate events, tournaments and special trainings in Spain, France, Netherlands, Canada, and the US.  In 2006, Hashmat received the Canada Shotokan Member of the Year recognition from Ohshima sensei. He alternates practicing between Berkeley and Canada. Hashmat is an economics professor at Carleton University in Canada and a visiting professor at UC Berkeley.

Other Berkeley YMCA Dojo Black Belts:

Forest - 1st degree black belt, Dojo Manager
George - 1st degree black belt