St Thomas' Navestock

Welcome to St Thomas' Navestock

Vision Statement: To build God's church by loving our neighbour through prayer, service and by sharing the gospel.

St Thomas' Church occupies a remote, quiet but beautiful location within the scattered rural community of Navestock. There is a small but dedicated congregation who meet together faithfully each Sunday morning and evening. Most services use the Book of Common Prayer with its traditional language that has formed the staple diet of the Church of England for generations. The music is usually traditional hymns led by a small choir and organ or more recently by an amazing 'digital hymnal'! People looking for a quiet, reflective style of worship will find a natural home at St Thomas's but the church also prides itself on having occasional services of a quite different nature which attract people from far and wide. For example we have a very popular and successful Breakfast Service for local scouts and cubs usually following a  'sleepover' in the church and the 'Hymns and Pimms' service is now becoming a very popular annual event. Watch out for other special services in the future.
St Thomas' organizes a flower festival every two years in order to raise much needed funds for the upkeep of the church. The 2016 festival was very successful.


St Thomas' has also been in the news over the last couple of years because of the assault by local Great Spotted Woodpeckers on the church spire which necessitated a sizeable and expensive programme of repair work to the shingles! The work has now been completed and we hope our feathered friends will be kept at bay for the timebeing partly by a model predator owl attached to the church roof!


On the first Monday of each month some of the church congregation meet in the church at 11.00am to pray for the parish and events further afield. All are welcome to join with this group. A cup of tea or coffee is provided at the start!


On the first Tuesday of each month some members of the congregation join with members of St Nicholas' church for Bible Study, discussion and prayer. All are welcome to this informal meeting at the Rectory at 8.00pm.

                               Sunday Service times


1st Sunday of Month         

                                            6.30    Evening Prayer

2nd Sunday of Month       

                                            6.30    Holy Communion (CW)

3rd Sunday of Month       

                                            6.30    Evening Prayer

4th Sunday                         

                                            6.30    Holy Communion (BCP)

5th Sunday                         

                                            6.30    Evening Prayer 


Church Warden:

Mrs Mary Ingram (01277 221582)

Restoration of Church windows 

The windows restoration is almost completed with the exception of one unforeseen extra repair which will be carried out within the next three weeks.  The whole project started in the autumn of 2010 with a target of taking no longer than 10 years.  The fact that it has taken only three and a half years to complete, at a cost of £27,316, is due to the donations received from many 
people, plus two very substantial gifts from two members of our congregation who are, sadly, no longer with us, and a generous grant of £5000 from the Friends of Essex Churches. We are extremely grateful for all we have received.


You may recall the burglary we had at St Thomas’ in November 2012 when our funerary helmet was stolen. In the process of removing it from its position above the Richard Green memorial, the memorial itself was damaged. This has now been repaired to its former appearance, at a cost of £380, as you can see in the picture. Unfortunately, to date, the helmet has not been recovered and we would appreciate your continued vigilance in keeping a look out for any information which may be useful in assisting its recovery