Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get married in one of your three churches?

We are always very pleased when people want to get married in one of our three beautiful churches – all of which are ideal settings for a church wedding.

If you are resident in the parish of the church of your choice then the answer is Yes.

If you do not live in the appropriate parish but you fulfil one of the ‘qualifying connections’ (for example you or your parents were resident in the parish in the past, you were baptised or confirmed in the church, your parents or grandparents were married in the church) then the answer is Yes.

If neither of the above applies to you but you are willing to worship regularly with us during the period leading up to the proposed date of your wedding then the answer is Yes.

To make enquiries about booking a wedding contact Revd Mark James either directly or using the Enquiries Page. You will then be sent a leaflet explaining some important preliminary information which you should read before proceeding to book a date. 



Will you baptise our child?


It is always very good news to hear that a family is asking about having a child or children baptised (christened).

If you live in one of the three parishes then the answer is yes. If you live outside the parishes but worship with us regularly the answer is yes. If you live outside the parishes but do not worship with us regularly the answer is probably yes but only if you seek permission from the vicar of the parish in which you currently live. Contact Revd Mark James either directly or using the Enquiries form on the home page and you will be sent two leaflets entitled ‘Information and Guidance for Families considering Baptism’ and 'Help, I'm a Godparent'. After you have read these and considered what baptism means we will discuss booking dates. Because Baptism is a very serious and significant step for a family to take, we will want to make sure that you fully understand the responsibilities parents and godparents are required to take on. Baptisms normally take place during the main Sunday morning service. Families interested in baptism are encouraged to come to church for a brief 'Service of Thanksgiving' some time before the baptism itself.



A loved-one has just died. Can they be buried in one of your churchyards?

If they were a resident in one of the three parishes (or moved away shortly before they died) then they have a legal right to be buried in the churchyard of the parish in which they lived – provided there is space. All three churchyards have Gardens of Remembrance for the interment of cremated remains. St Nicholas Kelvedon Hatch and St Thomas Navestock still have space for full burials. You should arrange burials and interments of cremated remains through your Funeral Director in the first instance who will then liaise with us.



Are children welcome in church?
We are always amazed that so many people ask this question. The answer is a most emphatic ‘yes’! They are welcome at any service in all three of our churches. Some services are more child and family friendly than others. At St Paul’s there is an all age service on the first Sunday of each month and on the other three Sundays there is a Junior Church and Youth Group which meet during the main morning service. There is also a creche available at St Paul's each week. At St Nicholas’ Kelvedon Hatch there is a Family and Parade Service on the second Sunday of each month as well as a special 'children's corner' with activities for children to do during the service.

Hoan I find out more about the Christian faith?


How can I find out more about the Christian faith?


By far the best way is to register for an Alpha Course. There is more information about Alpha elsewhere on the website. Each session begins with a shared meal and then we either watch a DVD or listen to a live speaker. Following this there is an opportunity to discuss and ask questions. Some of the topics covered include: Who is Jesus? Why and how should m pray? Does God heal today? What about the Church?

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