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See Me!  Hear Me!
God Laughed...no Joke!

Gott Lachte...ohne Witz!

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What We Are About

 Communication through Presentation:
         Perhaps believing in good design is like believing in God, it makes you an optimist.
                                                                                PRODUCTION AND DESIGN                                                                                            

       Since 1982 Belleherst has been devoted, by means of the dramatic arts, to crossing segregating borders of race, nationality, religion, ethnicity and age. In 2007  Belleherst Productions was re-formed as E.BELLEHERST, a Californian non-profit corporation which operates as a  “DBA” under the name of Belleherst Productions.

          Through artistic productions, seminars, lectures and publications  Belleherst reaches out into the forums of our world with relevant and timely issues of faith, culture and community, helping to promote cross-cultural awareness and dialogue.  Belleherst supports active networking with other artistic groups dedicated to similar goals which promote the awareness and understanding of the Christian faith in light of a universal post-denominational Christianity. Working actively in and with 12 countries, Belleherst is committed to bringing theatrical excellence and uniqueness into an open forum of expression. Belleherst seeks to speak directly to the world’s barriers, with the intent of having a dialogue which will contribute to authentic international communities promoting peaceful relationships and world enhancement.
         Its educational and training services provide professional learning opportunities for students pursuing an excellence in theatre arts, as well as personal mentoring designed to develop responsible and virtuous character.

Communication through Schools:         
Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to
listen, and a push in the right direction.
John C.Crosby    
                           EDUCATIONAL MENTORING

                                           Mentored to Count                                                                                 

Mentoring at Polish and Latvain Schools for Movement Theatre


           Kathleen Ann Thompson; B.A., M.A. (University of Michigan), M.F.A. (San Diego State University),  Institute for Advanced Studies in   Classical Theatre,  Honorary Professorship (Yunan Institute of Art, Kunming, China), Jacque le Coq School of Movement Theatre, (Paris,France),  Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre (California).  Artistic Director of Polish Christian Studio for Studies in  Movement Theatre (Uston, Poland) and The Kuldigas Art Studio for Movement Theatre(Kuldigas, Latvia).

           Belleherst Productions, offers a variety of educational services which reach out toward those seeking systematic and pedagogically sound training in drama, dance and physical theatre techniques. The vision of director, Kathleen Ann Thompson, is to create a sense of value for the craft of theatre in Christian drama. This work implies developing a respect for excellence in training, a love of the craft itself and  a recognition of theatre's Aristotelian noble purposes: Education, Inspiration and Ennoblement. Through perceptive and individual mentoring and a supportive training atmosphere,  Belleherst's training encourages the development of a  confident and self-disciplined artist.  An entrepreneurial  attitude able  creaatively address faith issues and provide a better understanding of the Christian faith in a world-wide arena through theatre arts is fostered.

 Communication  through Resources:   
             The greatest achievement of the human spirit is to live up to one's opportunities  and  make  the most of one's resources.

Dramatic Play Scripts

        KEEPER OF THE GIFT is the personal and and inspiratio
nal account of Kathleen Ann Thompson's 25 year search to discover an effective method of assisting her international students in discovering and developing their individual talents, skills and abilities.  Teaching theatre arts in a cross-cultural environment for the last two decades in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, U.S.A., South America and South Africa provoked Ms. Thompson to try to understand what universal  principle governed effective development  of their abilities. Her desire to help each of her students achieve their individual goals in their chosen course of study led her to analyze ways of mentoring those skills more effectively by addressing the Gift from God in each person as a spearhead of motivation, energy and ability.  She noted that if they could identify their  Gift  and stimulate it, the resulting level of successful development in the student's course of study was greatly increased.  Ms. Thompson uses excerpts from her own fascinating life's journey and spiritual quest, as well a  her base of teaching experiences around the world to give intimacy and authenticity to her premise that an over-arching Gift from God is resident in each individual. The book also aims at encouraging and advising mentors, the Keepers of the Gifts, in how to provide  guidance, support and protection for those benefiting from their influence.

                                       Keeper of the Gift is available as an ebook to purchase on Belleherst's Keeper Ministry web site:





        Kathleen Ann Thompson's  25 years as a teacher, director and theatre artist in an international environment has imparted some enlightening realizations about every person's obligation to search out their own potentiality and develop it as a gift to be given into the world.  The rewards of personal satisfaction and valued contribution to society are essential to every  individual's sense of well-being.  The Story documents Kathleen's personal journey; the vision she follows, the lives she changes, the rewards she experiences.  Follow her  inspiring journey through pictures, video clips and interviews as you observe a true 'keeper of the gift' in operation.

The Story is available for purchase on Belleherst's Keeper Ministry web site:

                                                                                                                                  NEWSLETTERS AND ARTICLES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
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NEW!    BLOG:   Trail Mix for the Spiritual Journey
  The Stilling  of Desire (May 22, 2011)

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Call to Arms: An Offense Against Relativism (2005)

The Killing of Desire (2006)


The Keeper Kamp
      To KEEP...to Care, to desire

     Children between the ages of six and eleven are in an active period of their lives forming personal character which will defi
ne their life-long development.  Those
years are the most propitious years in their development to form a character
  in consort with God’s Word which will enable them to walk out their God-given destiny and experience fulfillment.  An overwhelming percentage of children are victims of  negative self-imaging. It is the largest single stumbling block to their living a meaningful and fulfilling life from which  the world will benefit.  To this issue Belleherst offers to children between six and eleven years old the ...
Keeper Kamp

The Keeper Kamp maintains that God has gifted every

child individually with a unique difference capable of
their destiny in this world.

A gift Discovered is a life Valued.

A gift Developed is a life Matured.

A gift Given is a life Fulfilled.

The gift developed through faith, self-discipline, courage
and endurance
will be successful in achieving  its full and
intended potential.
When a mature gift is given where it is
needed,  fulfillment is obtainable for every child.

For more information:  http://www.keeperministry.com         
A Keeper Kamp - musical production
     A mercurial tale with a profound message is performed  in a recipe of song, dance and charm, spun like a web with Kathleen Ann Thompson as the story teller. Using the full battery of movement skills for which she is widely known, Kathleen surrounds herself with the life-size puppet heads of four whimsical animals. She then breathes life into Sniffs, the dog, Gretchen, the goose, Moni, the cow and Axel, the frog.  Together, with her four companions, storyteller Kathleen decides to embark on a  hazardous and speculative journey to find the  mysterious, Chief I AM Giver...one whom no one has ever seen, but every one has heard all about. As the journey continues, she begins to reach into the child’s world where harmful labels and negative imaging often leave a life-time scar on childhood development. Each animal sings and dances their heart as they reveal the pain of their own negative I AM and reach for the hope that the Chief I AM giver can give them a brand a new I AM.  The final surprise is a moment of unforgettable hope and  joy... a new identity and a life with a reason for living!


I am only a no-good-dog, but I say let’s give it a try! barks Sniffs.

Well, I am just an awkward goose, but I’ll do my best to keep up !  chimed in Gretchen.      

I  know I am a stupid cow, but it feels like a smart idea ! demurred Moni.

That settles it, even though I am an ugly frog, I want to go !  burped Axel.

For further information or to book:info@belleherst .com


 Communication through Relationship:
             Slight not what's near, while aiming at what's far.


                                                                                                                                         Devoted to the merger of
Ideas, Relationship and  Communication


Chamber Art Action

  Enjoy theatre, friends and dialogue in a personal
creating an inspiring evening of your
  own design.


                              THE THEATRE SPACE:   CHAMBER DRAMA

       Chamber art in dance, music and drama has a long and rich tradition which has surfaced as recently as the late 20th century in Bosnia, early 20th century in Russia and Eastern Europe, 19th century in America, as well as  in the 1st century Greek-Roman world. In a unique mixture of fine art and ordinary setting, it has served as a protest against the exclusiveness of aristocratic art venues while making art available to ‘every man’.  

       It has also been a protector of ethnic cultural inheritances which have been in danger of being wiped out by oppressive governments. As a creative voice for artists who choose to interact in a more intimate way with their audiences, chamber art found new interest in the 20st century and continues into the 21st century, which is all too alienated from its own humanity by the electronic and ‘distanced’ manner of both learning and communication .

       Listening to the audience in a 'post-show'  talk back
format is standard for Chamber Art. Giving space for sharp give-and-take between the audience and the performer, as well as encouraging the parleying of insightful perceptions give the viewer and performer more for their experience.                                    

                            THE PERFORMER: KATHLEEN  ANN THOMPSON

         Kathleen Ann Thompson holds several degrees in Theatre Arts and Musical Theatre from the University of Michigan and San Diego State University. As well, Ms. Thompson has studied dance, mime and commedia dell'arte in Paris, Germany, New York and California; and received an honorary professorship from Yunan Institute for the Arts in Kunming China.

         She has been the Artistic Director of Belleherst Productions since 1983.  Belleherst, a San Diego based company, is committed to crossing cultural, ethnic, age and socio-economic borders by communicating through the arts.Her professional experience has taken her to performance opportunities at the Old Globe Theatre, Lamb's Players and the La Jolla Museum for Contemporary Art in San Diego, as well as, many other theatres in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Detroit.  Kathleen has directed and choreographed over 50 productions in the U.S., as well as, Europe and Eastern Europe.

For production details and booking arrangements
click here: Chamber Art Action          

Latest Updates:

The Belle of Amherst: Double Vision
by William Luce
..the effect of her Dickinson’s punctuation and words becomes so much clearer once her words reach the body. K.Thompson

     Thompson... is riveting as she touches upon the most emotionally charged moments in Dickinson’s life. Immersed fully in the character of Emily Dickinson,Thompson is believable as an awkward young teenager and later, a pained woman. Dancing on stage, Thompson’s Dickinson is coquettish, wild, fun.....it is as if Dickinson’s innermost thoughts are exposed. ...what we see is freedom of expression – both Thompson’s and Dickinson’s.
 The wonderful words of this poetry are brought to light before us

         The actress Kathleen Ann Thompson is captivating and her attention to each and every minor detail is amazing; she donates her breath to Emily.  The visible talent is bound with passion...
tw rating 5/5   THREEWEEKS

                      Thompson is so exacting and studied  in her physical portrayal of Dickinson ...
using a wide palette of gestures to paint her picture of  Dickinson’s  personality, that no text is wasted and seems always to serve the physical presence on stage  
... this physicality is set free and leads the spoken text to ever greater heights of expression. Darran Laine, Fringe Reviews

Kathleen Thompson is a truly extraordinary performer. Her work in physical theatre, her gifted choreography, her mesmerising acting, her ability  to communicate to mind, soul and spirit.
Kathleen is a rare visionary, an ardent communicator, an experienced professional, a woman
who knows what's of value and embraces it.
Patricia Beal, Fringe Reviews

 The Belle of Amherst.   The play is a witty, entertaining and profoundly moving drama on the            inspired life of poet, Emily Dickinson. Kathleen offers viewers a unique and evocative encounter
with the myste
rious, ever elusive American poet, whose personality remains as enigmatic as her poetry remains infamous.
The growing interest in this eccentric poet,

The Belle of Amherst: Double Vision

observed by the new biographies and international translations of her poems is met by Belleherst with a duo performance of Luce’s play, contrasting Emily’s culturally shackled 19th- century life style with               her passionate and bold inner spirit. In alternating performances; one drama, one dance, the contrasting perspectives build layered understanding of the poet. Kathleen Ann Thompson weds Luce's dramatic text to movement and music depicting Dickinson’s life as a kinetic and visual poem. The proto-surrealist quality of images in Dickinson’s poetry lends apower of surprise   and suggestion to Thompson’s dance pictures.                                  

The self-proclaimed anchorite of poetry, Emily Dickinson, dressed always in vestal white, often received guests as a disembodied voice behind a screen at the top of the stairs and only once in twenty-five years was she seen outside her father’s house. Still, through both friendships and correspondence, she negotiated passage through the most prestigious international literary groupings of her day. Brilliant and witty, the miniature woman transfixed the conventional literary critics of her time in ‘shock’ n’awe’ with her plethora of irregular poetic devices. But, today, a growing international literary audience designates her as a stunningly innovative 19th-century poet whose own words are the most telling; “Why did they shut me out of heaven?  Did I sing too loud?”

See Me!  Hear Me

                                                                         Kathleen Ann Thompson is a powerful, intense, intelligent performer...you should see this show.

                                                                Hear what Thompson has to say. So go and be provoked. Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The purpose of theatre is to show the truth"...and Kathleen Ann Thompson does that unflinchingly...there's no doubting Thompson's sincerity.

Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe FestivalOn behalf of David Batstone and the whole Not For Sale team in San Diego, we want to thank you

...your performance was outstanding, Not For Sale team, San Diego

          See Me! Hear Me!  Belleherst’s world premiere opened in Europe in August 2009 and toured the U.S.  during September and October supporting nation-wide campaigns against global slavery and human trafficking. There are more than 27 million victims world-wide without a voice - without representation.  They are the invisible, silent cries waiting for The Truth, A Defense, Rescue. Robbed of their dignity, their suffering should not be hidden from us.

     Gertrude Simmons, an Ivy League economics professor has\ a life goal; write a book, secure tenure.  However, when she embarks on a sabbatical  journey to research entrepreneurship in global markets, she realizes that one of the most lucrative entrepreneurial markets is Human Slavery.  Her number-crunching intellect is forced to confront the human faces that loom behind the statistics. This is a jarring, surreal play about how a woman struggles to orient herself as the shrieking voice of human suffering drowns out all others.

     Kathleen Ann Thompson, as a solo performer, presents this original multi-media movement piece using projections and the movement skills of physical theatre to create a filigreed journey through the souls of victims, rescuers and defenders. Her journey takes her to Poland, Berlin, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Dubai, Uganda, Haiti and Ithaca, New York in an effort to impact the viewer with an understanding of the enormity of this heinous crime: its global economic profile, its devastating consequences on communities and cultures, as well as its defining inhumane brutality.  A change must occur at the end of the journey …first in us, then for the victims.  The truth of Fredrick Buechner’s words will then be realized:

                                               Compassion is the knowledge that there can never be any real peace and joy

                                                                                             for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too.

Belleherst Productions

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God Laughed...No Joke!

Gott lachte...ohne Witz!  (performed in German)
(contact in Germany:  agnes.von.below@web.de)

    Belleherst hosted a second world premier in the summer of 2009.  Its  raucous comedy, God Laughed...No Joke!  is an encouraging  'moment of truth'  which brings hope and joy as it addresses the 'angst' of the world's collective soul trying to juggle the fluctuating stock market, the economic down turn, the latest war front, political corruption and natural disasters.

    Civil strife, Economic collapse, Republican corruption and Loss of faith beset Rome in 60AD,  whose emperor is no other than that son of Jupiter, Nero.  The self proclaimed emperor of the         world has put the Christians in Rome under his persecuting thumb.  Thus…for two newly baptized Greek slaves, serving as pantomime servants in the house of Flavius Nerva, its a very stressful time. A pot of boiling oil,  the stinging flagella of their Master’s whip and a coliseum stocked with hungry lions fill the thoughts of Cornelius and Titus as they plot and scheme  how to pacify the distraught Roman Senator Flavius Nerva-their Master.

    In spite of the persecution against the Christians, the two Greek slaves are so excited by their recent conversion to Christianity that they make the grave error of suggesting to their Master that there is a single God; and what’s worse---that   He laughs!  In a furious rage, Flavius Nerva gives his  two slaves one hour to prepare their explanation of this heresy against the Roman Pantheon---or else!

Titus and Cornelius's Dilema:

How to find the moment when God laughed in the story?

How to tell the whole story of God before the sand in the hour glass runs out?

How to save themselves from being some lion’s diner if they fail?


For further information or to book:  info@belleherst .com


If in Germany:   agnes.von.below@web.de

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  Performance Dates


        Jan 24                The Book of Ruth                                                               Boca Raton, Florida

        March 1- 10        Polish Studio for Movement Theatre                           Jawornik, Poland

        March 17            Midsummer Night's Dream for Young People           Riga, Latvia

        March 18-25      Kuldigas Arts Studio for Movement Theatre              Kuldigas, Latvia

        April 16-22        Performance and Seminars                                             Zagreb, Croatia
        May 12                Theatrical Make-up Workshop                                        Krakov, Poland

        May 13 -19           EU Workshop: Mime & Non-verbal                              Krakov, Poland

        May  24- 31          U.K. Tour: Candles in the Window                              West Wales, U.K.

        June  4-14            Directing and Breath Workshops                                  Riga, Latvia
        June 15-July 2   Where Fancy Bred - choral drama                                Wokingham Theatr/Surrey/U.K.
                                       Choreographer and solo dancer 
        July 5                    Kerzem im Fenster                                                           Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria
         July 6                   Kerzen im Fenster                                                            Katharina von Bora Haus
                                                                                                                                     Fischakerweg 8, Berg, DE
        July 11                  Purity is to Will One Thing                                             Malchim, Munich , DE

       July 15 -21            Polish Studio for Movement Theatre                           Wisla, Poland
                                        Street Theatre:   UPSIDE DOWN  

        July 25-31            Kuldigas Art Studio for Movement Theatre                Kuldigas, Latvia
                                         Street Theatre:   King of the World

        Sept.                    Premiere of The I AM Giver in German                        Poing, Germany
                                                                                    Keeper Kamp
        Sept. 14-19           Master classes : Breath in Action                                  Riga, Latvia    
                                                                    Secrets of Rhythm on the Stage
        Sept. 20-22           Journey to There -musical                                              Kuldigas, LV                                    
                                        (Production rehearsals) 
         Oct. 2-Nov. 2   U.S. Tour: Purity is to Will One Thing                            Phoenix, San Diego
                                                        ...and Sarah was 90 Years                             Fort Lauderdale     
                                                        Every little Moment                       

     Jan 21       
          Conversation Theatre: Breath on Breath                  Boca Raton, Florida

     Feb. 9           
Thompson and Below present EMILY                        Phorms School
                                         (2 performances) (7pm-open to public)               Maria Theresia Strasse 35,
                                                                                                                                    81675 München
, Germany

       Feb. 25                Kerzen Im Fenster                                                      www.johanneskirche-hanau.de
                                                                                                                                Hanau, Germany
        Feb. 26             
Kerzen Im Fenster                                                        55487 Sohren / Hunsrück

        March 25           ...and Sarah was 90 Years Old                                Krakov, Poland

        April 15               ...The Pieta                                                                   Krakov, Poland

        May 13                ...and Sarah was 90 Years Old                                Warsaw, Poland

        June   5               Breath on Breath                                                        Kansas City, MO

        June 18               Gott Lachte...ohne Witz                                            Untrasried, Germany

        July 18                The Prisoner                                                                Wisla, Poland

        July   27             The Belle of Amherst: Double Vision                      Munich, Germany

        Aug. 15-20        The Belle of Amherst: Double Vision                     Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Greenside Venue
                   22-17               15,17,19,22,24,26   -Drama                                   Edinburgh, Scotland
                                              16,18,20,23,25,27 - Dance
                                              * (see Home Page link at top of page)

        Sept. 17               ...and Sarah was 90 Years Old                               London, U.K.
                                                                                                                                  Southcroft Church
                                                                                                                                  276 Mitcham Lane
Streaham, SW16 6NU

        Oct 1                      See Me!  Hear Me!                                                    Sturgeon Bay, WI
                                                                                                                                   Stella Maris Parish
Oct 2                      Adult Forum on human trafficking                       Hope Church, Sturgeon Bay, WI

                                         See Me!  Hear Me!                                                   Methodist United Church of Sturgeon Bay
        Oct 3                      Lectures on human trafficking                              Sturgeon Bay High School

        Oct. 15                   Candles in the Window                                           Toronto, Canada
                                                                                                                                    Christ the King Lutheran Church of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

        Oct.  17-19            Candles in the Windwo                                           Kansas City, MO
                                         God Laughed....No Joke!
                                         See Me!  Hear Me!
        Oct.  21,22           Candles in the Window                                            Silver Springs, New Mexico
                                         God Laughed....No Joke!    

        Oct. 23,24           Human trafficking                                                    Santa Fe, New M
        Oct. 26-29           Candles in the Windwo                                           Oakland, CA                        
                                         God Laughed....No Joke!
                                         See Me!  Hear Me!

        Nov. 19                Gott Lachte...ohne Witz                                           Markt Schwaben, Germany
        Nov. 25               ....and Sarah was 90 Years Old                               Tcesin, Czech Republic

        Dec.  5                
...and Sarah was 90 Years Old                                 Krakov, Poland
        Dec. 7                    The Belle of Amherst in Dance                              Krakov, Poland

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