Moonlight down in Beaver Harbour

When it's moonlight down in 
Beaver Harbour
Thats the place my heart 
Will always stray
From the hill you gaze out on the water
Where the light house sends out
it's brilliant ray

The boats all anchored so still
The little old Church way up on the hill
And sweethearts wander this way
In my dreams I'll always see
Old Beaver Harbour
Where the moonlight ripples  on the bay

Written by: Claude Morehouse

My Childhood
I grew up in Beer Harbour
Along the Fundy shore
Where seagulls scream and breakers roar
Salt-sea spray gets in your hair
And laughter of children is everywhere.
Life back home, it was quite poor
We picked peri-winkles along the shore
We took them home and cooked them
and stuck the needle in, we ate them so fast
The juice ran down our chin.
But we were happy campers
We loved to laugh and play
We took the apples from the tree
And hid them in the hay.
When winter came, it was so cold
Four took to a bed
Two slept at the bottom and
two slept at the head
And the only time that we were warm
Was when someone peed the bed!
But we were happy children
We'd run along the shore
I want to tell you one and all
I'm glad I grew up poor.
Written by: Shirley Eldridge Storm Quigley