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About the Hall

posted Oct 15, 2009, 1:20 PM by Jimmy Hawkins   [ updated Jan 28, 2014, 7:42 AM ]

The Building was Moved to it's current site from the Pennfield Airport after the Second World War. The land the Hall Currently sits on was donated by William Luther Barry on March 10, 1948. The Building was then used as an Anglican Sunday School with Orland Wadlin being the first superintendent, Milton Barry assumed the position after Orland moved to Saint John. As more people began to own cars and the roads were kept plowed and sanded through the winter people began to travel to the mother church, Christ Curch Anglican in Pennfield. The Hall continued to be used by the ACW as a meeting hall, for quilting parties, card parties, and as an election polling station for many years. When it became to costly to maintain it was then sold to the Beaver Harbout Venture to be used as a Community Hall and Archives.
The Beaver Harbour Community Venture Ltd. was incorporated as a non-profit society by the Province of New Brunswick on February 24th 1999
The Beaver Harbour Community Venture Ltd. strives to bring together those people interested in the history and especially the history of Beaver Harbour NB and its historically associated territory.
Discover, procure, collect, preserve, display, interpret material of historical value with the area.
Be concerned with the preservation of historic buildings, monuments, lands and waters and their preservations.
Retain old markers.
Have a continuing interest in current events, that may be part of history yet to be written.
Work with the Charlotte County Historical Society Inc.