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A Brief History on how "Beaver" Got Named

posted Jan 28, 2014, 6:35 AM by Jimmy Hawkins
British surveyors often named their towns when they laid them out, thus Beaver Harbour was named Belle View. It was laid out for Loyalist Grants on the west side of the harbour with streets 60 feet wide, 9 of them running parallel with each other, east and west, and 6 of them at right angles north and south. People did not accept the name Belle View and called it Beaver Harbour. By 1783 the Quakers the little settlement were established at Beaver Harbour and gave the little settlement the name of Penns Field after their first leader William Penn. After Settling in Beaver Harbour they appointed Joshua Knight as their leader there.
The religious Society of friends were called "Quakers" because they spoke out against slavery, child labour in the mines & factories, demanded prison reform thus the Quaker was born.