Dedication Service

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You are cordially invited to attend a celebration in remembrance of the Loyalists who settled in Beaver Harbour in 1783, and the heroic and historic stand they took against slavery, guest speaker will be Deborah Coleman, President of the United Empire Loyalist' Association of Canada, NB Branch. A memorial stone and marker will be dedicated, followed by a time of refreshments and fellowship at the Beaver Harbour Archives and Museum, 18 Quaker Lane, Beaver Harbour, NB September 19,2015. 1-3 PM. Seating is limited, please RSVP by September 5th, call Deborah Coleman 634-7783 

Unveil Quaker Plaque

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A Brief History on how "Beaver" Got Named

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British surveyors often named their towns when they laid them out, thus Beaver Harbour was named Belle View. It was laid out for Loyalist Grants on the west side of the harbour with streets 60 feet wide, 9 of them running parallel with each other, east and west, and 6 of them at right angles north and south. People did not accept the name Belle View and called it Beaver Harbour. By 1783 the Quakers the little settlement were established at Beaver Harbour and gave the little settlement the name of Penns Field after their first leader William Penn. After Settling in Beaver Harbour they appointed Joshua Knight as their leader there.
The religious Society of friends were called "Quakers" because they spoke out against slavery, child labour in the mines & factories, demanded prison reform thus the Quaker was born.

Draggers Who Came into Beaver Harbour

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Boat Name                                                                         Captain
Garson G.
Lidonna II
Mary & J
Mr. Brennan
Pamela Joan
Petite Coaster
Anne & Ronald
Bob & Stan
Rheta Mae
Shirley & Russell
Susan & Sherry
Earle II
Cheryl & Morton
Evelyn Frances
Ann Brenda
Miss Cline
Jimmy B.
Richard M.
Shirley & Reid
Sea Stormer
Lidonna II
W.A. Moore
Sea Bell
Harley & Gale
Lynne Kathleen
Margaret Elizabeth
Norman & Richard
Stephanie & Jack
Rosa & Ruth
Dixon L.
J.J. Cowie
Bliar Green
Leonard Guptill
James Calder
Maybury Ossinger
Francis Small
Carl Small
Sam Guptill
Edgar Mitchell
Edgar Calder
Godfrey Mitchell
Horace Mitchell
Aubrey Matthews
Fraser Shepherd
Reginald Calder
Amos Gidney
Lawrence Belding
Cyril Newman
Victor Newman
Chan & Keith Pendelton
Donnie Richardson
Mert Cline
Wendell Brown
Soupie & Godfrey Mitchell
Freeman Brown
Garnet Green
Richard Cook
Floyd Hawkins
Garfield Wilson
Derwyn Hawkins
Ralph Green
Merill Griffin
Lawrence Chute
Neil Morse
Malcom Banks
Vincent Doucett
Sam Guptill
Cub (Leonard) Guptill
Allison Munroe
Leo Fraser
Ralph Green

About the Hall

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The Building was Moved to it's current site from the Pennfield Airport after the Second World War. The land the Hall Currently sits on was donated by William Luther Barry on March 10, 1948. The Building was then used as an Anglican Sunday School with Orland Wadlin being the first superintendent, Milton Barry assumed the position after Orland moved to Saint John. As more people began to own cars and the roads were kept plowed and sanded through the winter people began to travel to the mother church, Christ Curch Anglican in Pennfield. The Hall continued to be used by the ACW as a meeting hall, for quilting parties, card parties, and as an election polling station for many years. When it became to costly to maintain it was then sold to the Beaver Harbout Venture to be used as a Community Hall and Archives.
The Beaver Harbour Community Venture Ltd. was incorporated as a non-profit society by the Province of New Brunswick on February 24th 1999
The Beaver Harbour Community Venture Ltd. strives to bring together those people interested in the history and especially the history of Beaver Harbour NB and its historically associated territory.
Discover, procure, collect, preserve, display, interpret material of historical value with the area.
Be concerned with the preservation of historic buildings, monuments, lands and waters and their preservations.
Retain old markers.
Have a continuing interest in current events, that may be part of history yet to be written.
Work with the Charlotte County Historical Society Inc.

The Archives

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Here is what you will find and learn in the Beaver Harbour Archives. 
You would learn how the village was settled in 1783 by the Quakers and the Empire Loyalists, you would also learn about the local sardine history. You could read a book about the founding families from Beaver Harbour. You can view a film about the local factories in the area. The items that can be viewed are two butter churns, and ice box, wedding dresses, pictures of Veterans, original news papers dating back to 1917, and much more. 

July 4, 2013

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