Please see below for resources from this project. These include*:

  • The report from the August 2013 Vulnerability, Consequences, and Adaptation Planning Scenarios (VCAPS) workshop. [draft as of 6/3/2014].
  • A presentation provided to project participants in May 2014 on the impacts of projected sea level rise on:
    • causeways and low traffic roads
    • arterial roads and evacuation routes
    • county facilities
    • future land use
    • property
    • marsh

  • A fact sheet on the local effects of climate change on coastal South Carolina based on best available science. 
  • A summary of the possible action items in response to sea level rise identified in the VCAPS workshop (these were pulled directly from the VCAPS diagram created by participants).

*This page will be continually updated with more resources. Please check back regularly.
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