Beaufort County Sea Level Rise Adaptation Public Workshops

August 25-26, 2014

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Using participatory scenario building to encourage climate-resilient planning in the coastal Carolinas

A Community Climate Change Adaptation Initiative (CCCAI) project funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Sea Grant Office.

Project Partners:
Beaufort County (SC) Planning Department
Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments
North Carolina Sea Grant
Social and Environmental Research Institute
South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium

Climate scenarios for temperature, precipitation, and sea level rise present a wide range of possible climate futures for the coast.  Because of these changing climate stresses, coastal governments in the Carolinas must think about adapting to climate change, but have little guidance from climate models beyond knowing that overall, it could be drier or wetter, and that sea level will continue to rise at an unsteady rate.  One answer to coping with this lack of precision is to focus on building a community’s ability to adapt its infrastructure to a variety of climatic conditions, rather than planning for specific actions in anticipation of specific projections. In this project, we will demonstrate using local level adaptation scenarios for changes in planning that increase Beaufort County’s resilience, or its ability to respond to a wide range of climate futures.  We will use a flexible process that incorporates local knowledge, ensuring that the results are relevant to Beaufort County. These processes contribute to climate change resilience even if the County does not adopt a fully developed adaptation plan.