Welcome to the personal webpage of Dr. Benjamin J. Crain, Ph.D.  This site serves to highlight my ongoing research and educational activities in Biology, Natural History, and the Environment.  Broadly speaking, my primary research interests cover a diversity of disciplines including Conservation Biology, Rare and Endangered Species Ecology, and Biogeography.  I explore these topics in a variety of unique ecosystems, but focus primarily on Global Biodiversity Hotspots such as Polynesia & Micronesia, the California Floristic Province, Mesoamerica, the Tropical Andes, and the Caribbean.  My research spans several scales, and I focus on study systems that range from molecular to organism to landscape levels.  My investigations employ a number of different analytical strategies ranging from Population Viability Analyses (PVAs) to Geographic Information System (GIS) modelling.  As an educator, I aim to provide hands on learning experiences that connect ecological and environmental issues with broader interdisciplinary topics.  Using these strategies, I aim to improve our understanding of the important issues facing our planet's species and ecosystems while helping to identify practical solutions to problems leading to biodiversity declines.