Bhatia Power Care (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Dear Share holders, Depositors and Bank,


This company established in 1995 by help of subsidy of Gujarat Government. Investors (Share holders, depositors and banks) invested money in this company of Gujarat. Company was manufacturer of power products, working research and development in wind power production and sea tidal power.


Company destroyed along with goods and machineries by demolition under T.P. Scheme of Govt. of Gujarat.


All investors lost their money by such devastation and they degenerated.

Promoters of the company were put in troubles for all liabilities of investors and banks. Main promoter left Gujarat due to such severe attack by Government of Gujarat. Company has loss more than ten million rupees as on 31-03-2011. 


Company was established with all legal permission. Government demolished Factory against law and without compensation for reorganization.This was robbery by Gujarat Government. Supreme court of India also declared such action not only on account of discrimination, but also on account arbitrariness in the case of Girnar traders, in CIVIL APPEAL NO. 3703 OF 2003.  Detail story given inside.


Case was put up before Honorable Chief Minister Narendrabhai Modi on 28-07-2005 in SWAGAT program. Honorable Chief Minister Narendrabhai Modi has given instruction to urban development department on 2-08-2005 to give us speedy compensation. Administrative body not follows the instruction of chief Minister. Nobody did take disciplinary action for it. Urban Development Department had given so many instructions to RUDA but neither clear instruction nor disciplinary action has been taken not to follow instructions. Honorable chief Secretary Shri D. Rajgopalan Saheb also had given telephonic instruction on 17-03-09 to Chairman RUDA.


LAQ Act read with T.P. Act clearly provides compensation before possession of required Land for public interest. District collector, as a chairman of SWIFT, has given instruction to RUDA for speedy compensation and also under instruction of National Human Right Commission.


Our Vice President of India, Dr. Hamid Ansari has directed in his speech, that IAS officers should act that public feel that administration governing by Law. Impression should not be that work can be done only by corruption. (News Gujarat  Samachar 8-5-11 Mumbai addition)  Here even after Government Instruction and also clear Law, what will be feeling us?


We have visited Shri G. C. Murmu, Principal secretary to Hon. C. M. of Gujarat on date 20-07-2011, 29-09-2011, 16-01-2012 and 24-07-2012 to solve our case by strong representation but compensation is not granted according Land Acquisition Act 1894 and land is not alloted as provided in T.P. act. Now we are going to reprenset before Honorable President of India and Governor of Gujarat. We hope that they will help us for our constitution right for to do our business and compensation for our property. In event of no help by Government, there is no way to submitt writ petetion before Hon. High court and that will take much time. We are sure to get justice from court because Honorable supreme court have declared that all provisions for compensastion as provided in Land Acqusition Act should be read in Town planning act. The damages by demolition and late compensation is also admissible according judgment of supreme court in the case of Gajanan and others civil appeal No. 2432 of 2005. So we request to all concerned persons to keep fortitude and peace till the solution of our case.

Delay in public work by Government is an A.P. centre of corruption. We thank central Government for application of new act “The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013”. This act is for transparent process for land acquisition for urbanization with the least disturbance to the owners of the land as the affected persons become partners in development as said in preamble of the act. Provisions of this act shall apply where the persons displaced or affected by reason of implementation of any scheme undertaken by Government, or any authority controlled by the state as provided u/s 2 (1) f of this act. There is also provision u/s 105 and given fourth schedule (List of acts) where this act shall not apply. However RUDA say that this law is not apply to town planning scheme. If any person contravenes any of the provisions relating to payment of compensation or rehabilitation and resettlement, every such person shall be liable to a punishment of six months which extend to three years or with fine or both as provided u/s 85 of this act and head of department and any other officer other than HOD who is responsible also be deemed to be guilty of that offence and shall be liable to be proceeded for punishment u/s 87 of this act. We had issued the notice to RUDA and Principal Secretary of Urban Development department as provided u/s 98 for action under this provision. We have also submitted to Honorable President Of India by letter dated 20-02-2014 which is on this site.



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