Womens Compass Network

The Women's Compass Network began as a project of Women Who Mean business.

In order to continue on after the WWMB project finished the Warragul project incorporated under the name of Women’s Compass Network. Women who Mean Business project presented an exciting opportunity for Gippsland women and the community of all ages, economic and cultural backgrounds.

The project brought women together across Gippsland to participate in skill development training workshops and developing a community project in each of the 8 areas.

The eight working groups chose their own community project and learned how to market their product, their community and their region while meeting new and interesting people, all this while enjoying and having fun at the same time.

Women's Compass Network is open to all who are interested.

It has to date coordinated 3 projects connected with the Linear Trail in Warragul. The projects are:

  • Bollards along the trail
  • Mural in the old Stable
  • Mosaic Compass Rose

It has formed partnerships with Landcare, and local schools to beautify the environment along the creek.

 To view mosaics of the Compass Rose

To view the installation of the Compass Rose

 Some of the 40 bollards along the linear Trail Warragul
 Painting the bollards  a task for many hands
 Proud workers with the finished Compass rose
 Joan Kirner opening the  Murals