Women Who Mean Business

There has been a great deal of progress in the past three months. We received a $4000 grant from the Baw Baw Shire for Women’s Compass Network, who will continue on when the WwMB Project draws to a close.

Our seats are likely to be completed with the help of a Warragul group called The Men’s Shed, who work for the community in many ways. We decided to bring forward our plan to decorate and install bollards along our local walking trail to replace the seats.

The shire council gave us 14 small bollards which we decided to use at a later time when we will make families, adding two larger ones. We have found out that it’s best to whisper the word “BOLLARD” to others as once we advertised for the community to come paint them the phone ran hot.

Our first 20 had people’s names against the list almost immediately, and we were working flat out to prepare them for the painting. Ingrid’s phone kept ringing, the list of volunteers grew longer and she became quite concerned about the evergrowing excitement.

We were running out of bollards, so it was decided to buy another 10 and once again we were busy preparing these. The word kept traveling, though, so we decided to buy another 10 in order to involve as many women as possible, and call it quits for now at 40.

It is now suggested that Warragul is the Bollard Capital. We thank Janiene Ayre, Baw Baw Shire events and culture manager, and Kerry Irwin the new recreation officer. The group had a meeting with them recently and at the end of our time we were asked to do a mud map of our planned installations for the next three years.

This involved some members once again getting together to add Tesserae and bollards and our compass to plans for the seats. We added some seats to go into Brooker Park in 2006, 2007.

We thank all in the shire who will in some way help to put our works along the trail. We look forward to our Tesserae being put along the trail, and know when we get back to doing the compass we have people eagerly waiting to help, not only those from our mosaic workshops but newcomers as well.

Previous Update

  • Our group participated in the Baw Baw Shire 'Warming Up for the Commonwealth Games' Day at Burke Street Park.
    Our information stand consisted of a photographic display highlighting the progress of our various art projects, a brochure which we had produced especially for the day, an album featuring all our media coverage, the Women Who Mean Business banner, an expression of interest sheet to attract new members and 'Go for your Life' fitness brochures, fridge magnets and balloons. The latter were supplied by our partners, the West Gippsland Health Care Group.
    Members were rostered on to man the display and to speak to interested people.
  • The shire had installed ten bollards prior to the Warm Up day. As these were located along the fun run / walk trail, they created much interest and praise for the artists involved.
  • Shire CEO, Glenn Patterson, viewed the bollards and was most impressed with our project. He encouraged us to draw up a plan for the future and to think 'BIG.'
    He promised Shire backing for future plans.
  • Our Bollard Project has grown, with fifty members of the community wishing to take part. Ten are now installed, with another 10 ready to go. Ten are still being finished.
    It has been decided that the group will purchase another 20 bollards and paint to finish the project in time for our launch in January.
  • Another initiative to come out of the networking with our arts community is the idea for a mural on the old tin shed situated in the park. Walkers and runners currently use the shed as a rest stop and shelter. The local Community House will be approached to take on this project during term one next year. The theme for the mural will be "Women in the Community."
  • The Compass Project is advancing. Our Koori friends have drawn up a design for the centerpiece and workshops are being planned to engage other interested people to participate in the next stage of the Compass. Quotes are being sought for the template boards needed to construct the compass.
  • The Men's Shed has come on board with our seat project. It is also planned that they will construct the necessary templates for our tesserae.
  • The bollard project has attracted three new members to our ranks.
  • We have submitted a three year plan to the shire regarding our future plans.
  • The insurance issue is currently being looked into.
  • It has been decided to hold our launch along the Linear Park Trail on January 28th.
    It is hoped to have all 50 bollards and our tesserae in place for the occasion.
    Arrangements for the launch will be discussed at our next meeting.
  • It was agreed that we would liaise with the shire regarding our working plan. A meeting will be set up in the near future.
  • The shire's Recreational Project Officer, Despi O'Connor, will assist with brochure production promoting the Linear Park Trail next year.
  • The bollards project received media coverage with editorial and photograph.

Outcomes so Far:

  • Formed network
  • Group became incorporated
  • Profile in the town through Shire and project
  • Been negotiating with schools and community groups
  • Proposals, schedules, timelines
  • Skill training workshops
  • Ingrid Thomas setting up website for Gippsland Artists
  • Planning and red tape work with Shire
  • Exchanging information within group
  • Negotiating and meeting with the Shire
  • Thought they weren't artists until they became involved in the mosaic workshops.
  • Involved with the Commonwealth Games in November, organised by the Shire
  • Group participants are learning public speaking
  • Learning community development
  • Initiated further workshops themselves
  • Received $4000 community grant from the Shire
  • Writing funding submissions
  • Working with Koori women
  • Since commencing our art project, the Shire have undertaken capital works to improve the beauty and safety of the
  • Linear Park Trail.
  • We feel that our focus on the Linear Trail has made the general public and the Shire aware that this is a valuable community resource.
  • Group of artists - about 30 in the bollard group
  • Negotiating with Shire regarding installation of tiles and bollards
  • Been invited by the Shire to participate in the Commonwealth Games warm up day.
  • Participated in the 'Warming Up for the Commonwealth Games'.
  • Installed with help from the Shire - 10 bollards.
  • Fifty members of the Community wishing to take part. Ten bollards installed, 10 ready to go, 10 are still being finished and the group decided to purchase another 20.
  • Initiative to come out of the networking with our arts community is the idea for a mural on the old tin shed situated in
  • the park. The local community House will be approached to take on this project during term one next year.
  • Submitted a three year plan to the Shire regarding our future plans.
  • Looking into insurance

What's Been Happening:

Business Planning Workshop with Belinda Brennan

A dynamic group of Gippsland Women who Mean Business recently conducted their Business Plan workshop with Belinda Brennan in Warragul.

Belinda was a great facilitator who tightly reined us in to put together our plan, to formalise all the ideas we have floating around in our heads and to advise us on what is actually involved in such a project. We went from envisioning the project through rose coloured glasses to what is probably more achievable.

The outcomes of this meeting were very constructive:

  • we formalised the vision for our project.
  • we explored funding opportunities.
  • we set a date for a PERT ( Periodic Evaluation & Review Technique) workshop to help plan our budget. This will be facilitated by Catherine Wallace, a participant in our group.
  • we are organising workshops in Working with the Media, Marketing and Fundraising.
  • we explored community involvement & ownership of our project - want to involve all generations from pre-schoolers to retirees.
  • we identified the need to work closely with the Baw Baw Shire, tourism groups, service clubs and community groups to avoid any duplication.
  • we agreed to utilise the skills of group members and the wider community.
  • we decided to tackle this project in stages, working to a time-line.
  • we discussed ways to make the public aware of our project and the importance of keeping everyone informed of our progress.
  • everyone went home with a given task to perform.
  • with enthusiasm running high, the group met the following weekend to survey the proposed site of our project and the existing trail. This gave us the information needed to put together a submission to the shire.
  • we invite everyone to participate, coming in and stepping out of the project as time and interest /skills permit.

Media Workshop with Deb Bye

The Warragul & District Media Workshop with Deb Bye was held on the 30th September. Deb Bye

2 Day Skills Development Workshop with Jill Gael

The Warragul & District 2 Day Skills Development Seminar was held at the Education Centre in Smith Street, Warragul on the 17th and 18th of August 2004 starting at 9:00am and going until 4:00pm.

Business Planning Workshop

Media Workshop

Media Workshop

2 Day Skills Development Workshop

2 Day Skills Development Workshop