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Gray Fox Connection 
a novel

Anger led her to destroy.

Can a wounded fox restore her balance?

Fugitive Andrea Glass hopes she can save the little fox, badly mauled by a cougar. She doesn’t anticipate the turnabout: the fox saving her from the wounds that drove her to demolish three Mormon temples. Her flute plays a role in her rescue, as does Tara, a skinny college girl and Erik, a big bear of a musician.

All Andrea had wanted was to shake the callous indifference of an organization that had barred her from her own daughter’s wedding. Now all she wants is to find her way back to Sabrina and her family, especially five-year-old Josh the Curious, Sabrina’s middle child, always getting himself in trouble. 

But the only way back for Andrea is a lifetime in prison - if she’s lucky.

a short novel math adventure

Numbers are just so cool. And fractions are as amazing as they are cool.
Alaska Journey

Valdez Sea

Twilight mountains, dusty blue-purple, seem to rise from the sea. A green-black mountain lies in front. Silver sea reflecting silver sun-clouds. A silver stripe where black mountain meets sea and another where purple mountain meets sky. The water is pewter with shiny silver flecks bouncing on the tips of waves. Stripes of silver and pewter, silver lining the tops of the wake. Ever-changing stripes as the boat motors on, leaving the silver to move with the wake. To turn one's head is to loose the silver and purple, but to see more purple spotted with white glaciers. Green-black spruce in the foreground, a little island rock with one tree and a mysterious face profiled on its edge. My heart breaks when it’s time to let go of purple and pewter and silver.


Have you ever been so pissed off you just had to do something? Anything, right or wrong, blowing something up maybe, to get the attention of the bastards who have been ignoring you?

Probably not. It takes a perfect storm of pissed-off-ness.

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  To Flip or Not to Flip
That is the Question  

So does everybody know that "/" means "divided by?"

12/4 means 12 divided by 4, which in turn means how many 4's are in 12?

You might, for example, have a stack of 12 poker chips, and you're going to divide it into stacks of 4 chips each.

12/4 = 3. There are 3 stacks.
12/3 = 4
12/2 = 6
Bigger answers come with smaller divisors (the number after the "/"
That should make sense. Fewer chips in each stack means you're going to need more stacks.
Question: what's 

i.e. 12 divided by 1/2
To be continued.
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The Pioneer Backpackers Inn in Prince Rupert with its shining cleanliness, its organization, its bright flowerboxes, speaks eloquently of its young, energetic German-immigrant assistant. But Julianne has much more to say.

“We are 150 kilometers from the next town!” she says, a big smile on her face. (150 kilometers is about 90 miles, by winding road, a good two hours into the interior, on a good day.) “And it’s ALL WILDERNESS between! You’d NEVER see anything like that in Germany. Or anywhere in Europe.”

Clearly adventure has called to Julianne.

Then a little later, she’s talking about languages. One of the things she loves about running the hostel is all the languages. “And it isn’t just language,” she says. “When you learn a language, you learn a culture.” And she describes some obscure tongue, African maybe, or central Asian, and how there are so many untranslatable words, words referring to their customs and their environment and the unique problems those people have to solve.

And I think how she and I are speaking the same language and how, still, her words have taught me about her customs and her environment and the events she doesn’t even regard as problems in her energetic embrace of northern life.