Barbara's Bio

Barbara K Freeman lives in western Oregon where she has taught math, raised a daughter and other critters, pulled tansy and scratched at poison oak. She has bombed no temples. Her dog howls when she tries to play sax. During her teaching years her literary accomplishments were limited to works like “2b or not 2b,” but now she has written numerous short fiction pieces, has garnered third place in the 2007 Creative Nonfiction Competition at the Baltimore Review and is working on a second novel, Circle.  

Like Andrea in Gray Fox Connection, she is a retired teacher and loves math, animals, the out-of-doors, grandkids and music. Like her she was excluded from her daughter's wedding in a Mormon temple. 

She lives where the roller coaster hills give way to expose higher blue ones at the center of the Coast Range. Her twenty-some acres would be more like thirty if you could roll them flat, and she shares them with three dogs (including Bailey), a cat, a cockatiel (Heena), transient deer, shy coyotes, rumors of cougars, steadily growing Douglas Firs and a lot of weeds and brambles. Her wonderful daughter lives nearby with her husband and Barbara's stupendously beautiful brilliant grandchildren.

She was born in this state, but travelled far to learn Oregon is at her center. She's driven cross country ten times, taught in New Jersey and California, visited 48 states, lived in Germany, roamed around Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Now Barbara has lived in Oregon for decades, taught math here, raised a daughter here,  on this very parcel of land. It's terrible soil, brick in summer, gum in winter, but it sticks to you after a while, and you look at its orange stains on your white socks and think, "Yep. You can take the writer out of the country, but you can't get the country outta the writer's socks."