Believe me some people have had more life's experiences than their peers. As for me, I have had my own share of experiences in this life, ranging from encountering an Unidentified Saucer-like Aircraft to sitting with a boy who claimed he and his father, while fishing together, enjoyed jumping into the river and submerging down to a beautiful city, a subterranean world altogether, and from that yarn to applying principles necessary to life: of which 99.98% of the earth's inhabitants are ignorant.

All these, I must have to regale you with over the months, and more; always by God's grace. Yet I have stories to tell -- fictional this time, interesting ones, and fabulous for the message they send across. 

Also, I took time to pour over ways toward excellent relationship between people, men and women, and spouses. it was not my power to achieve in this department. God is worthy of all praise and adoration.

See you later as I develop my new site. Thanks to all viewers. Thank you.

Banimibo-ofori Jack