Baba's Words on the Importance of His Samadhi as Told by Eruch Jessawala

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Importance of Samadhi Eruch Jessawala Mandali Hall, Meherabad, India July 15, 1993 05:47 PILGRIM#1: Laura over there likes detective stories, and wanted to know what were some of the detective books that Baba liked? ERUCH: Detective? I do nothing about that. You have to ask Mani about it. But the thing is that we do need detectives. Because I don’t know if all have heard about this or not. When Baba was in our presence, Baba gave a hint to us about the blessedness of paying visit to His tomb after He passes away. He is saying this. He is still in body––there is no such thing as tomb-shrine of Meher Baba or anything of that sort. One day sitting over here––how very important it is. It all started with pilgrimage to Kaaba and Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Gokul and other places, you know, where Avatars were. “How very important and blessedness is there to pay visit to the tomb-shrine of mine,” which was created before He passed away. Have you been to the tomb? PILGRIM#1: Yes ERUCH: It was there before He passed away. There was a crypt there and He used to live there. It was His room. And then after He passed away naturally His body was buried there. So He tells us that day, coming to the point of detectives and all that, so why is this so important to pay visit to the tomb-shrine? Come here. Walter come and sit here. Lean back. There you are. [Laughter] Now comfortable? So what happens is that, why is it important? You know He just says that and changes the topic immediately. That’s how His humor is. He asked us from the seat there, we are seated here, few of us are there. “What happens when a crime is committed.?” We report it to the police. “And then what happens?” If they cannot have any case of it and all that, detectives are called. Baba says, “Really? And then what happens?” Well to help the detectives they have their hounds, you know the dogs. “Really?” Baba, as if he is surprised. [Laughter] He put the question. This is the atmosphere here. What is He saying? He says how blessed it is for you all to pay visit to the tomb and what’s the subject, you see? It is puzzling. So He said, “Tomb is, my tomb is the seat that I am here. My visit to Myrtle Beach, my visit to Avatar’s Abode in Australia where I have stayed, are the most important places where the crime has been committed.” [Laughter] “I have stolen the hearts. I am considered to be the stealer of hearts and I am the criminal much wanted.” That’s how these people have put the posters these days from that earlier. There is a poster there. And what happens naturally, well they want to have a taste of the criminal who has committed this crime, you know, stolen the hearts. So then, the detectives are there, the hounds are there and then what happens that they bring, the detectives bring the hounds, the dogs near where the crime has been committed. They have a sniff, you see. And then the dogs lead the detectives to the criminal, wherever he has gone or wherever he is hiding and all that sort. Yes, that’s what they do, Baba. “That’s what I want you all, to be the hounds, to have a sniff, where the scent of the crime is too great. And the tomb has that scent where the body that housed the reality lay. So the scent of the criminal is there. Here, the feet is here, like I have been here, where I visited there at Myrtle Beach, at Avatar’s Abode. These are the places where the scent is very powerful for the hounds and you all are the hounds. So hound me and get the place where I am. Where am I. You know what happens,” Baba says, “Well the hounds are there and they go. They meet the detectives and suppose by accident rain falls or something like that or some river comes in the way. They lose the track of the scent of the criminal. What the detectives do? They bring the dog again, get the sniff again, powerful there, and then again the dog starts. Likewise time and again you have to come till such time, you trace me out.” That’s what He said. [Laughter] This is what I have heard, that is about the detectives, the crime and the criminal.