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The Arizona Leathernecks Motorcycle Club was formed in 2000 by Marines who share a bond forged by a love for their Marine Corps, families, brotherhood, and their love of riding motorcycles. 

We are the ONLY Leathernecks MC in Arizona and are NOT affiliated with any other Leathernecks MC across the country. 

We are a  3 piece patch Motorcycle Club that is exclusive to Marines and Navy Corpsman who have served honorably in the United States Marine Corps.  

We do not allow law enforcement in our club.    

Membership is earned through the standard Guest, Hang around, Prospect process.

Because we are Marines and Former Marines, we have each earned the title “United States Marine”.  

This is a title that we hold in very high regard.

Like the Marines that have gone before us, we uphold the legacy that begins at the recruit depots and Officers Candidates School. 

From our earliest days as Marines, we are taught that the Marine Corps is a special team – a family.  The Marine Corps embraces this noble responsibility in the caring for it’s own. 

To this end the Leathernecks MC was formed to support Marines,their families, and their community as a whole. 

Belonging to the Marine Corps family involves incorporating the values that were instilled in us as Marines : Honor, Courage, and Commitment. 

There are other values as well, which we honor as defenders of the constitution: 
the ideals of democracy, fairness, faith, and freedom. 

These values along with the basic concept of right and wrong are the cornerstones in building Marines and it is these concepts and values that our members are held to, and that serve as the core of our clubs beliefs and By-Laws.

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