Below is our tentative practice and game schedule.  The bus schedule for Away games is below the calendar.

2013 Varsity/JV Bus Schedule. 
All buses will leave from Sycamore JH Stadium

3/30àJV bus 8:30am.  Varsity bus 10:30

4/12àJV 4pm, Varsity 6pm

4/15àJV 3:30pm, Varsity 5:30pm

4/17àJV 4pm, Varsity 6pm

4/24à JV 4pm, Varsity 6pm

4/26à JV 4pm, Varsity 6pm

5/4àJV 10:30, Varsity 12pm

5/8à JV 3:30pm, Varsity 5:30pm

5/11à JV 11:30pm, Varsity 1:30pm