We will have an incredible roster of wizard rockers coming to perform at this event! It'll be a healthy mix of classic wizard rockers and newer acts, and much less NYC-focused than the prior two installments. For now, we can confirm the following acts.

  • Dancing Death Eaters: We are the world's first wizard dance troupe! We perform ballroom dance routines to wizard rock songs, with fifteen different routines in our repertoire. We took a lengthy hiatus after Avada KedavRock! 2014, but like the Dark Lord, we have come back to life recently, greater and more terrible than ever we were!
  • Hawthorn & Holly: A pop punk band that has been playing hit songs about Harry Potter since 2007, these wizards hail all the way from North Carolina! They've been a fixture of the wizard rock community, and represent (as per their name) the joining of light and dark to create music that appeals to the Slytherin in us all, but also shows that nothing is greater than the power of friendship!
  • Ashley Trix & The WZRDs: Ashley is a wrocker based in Connecticut, who just released her first full-length wrock album "WZRD." Her energetic live show combines her powerful pop vocals and heavy-handed rhythm guitar with strong songwriting and an infectious stage presence!
  • Celestial Warmbottom: The oldest and most shameless of wizards rockers, Celestial gets up to all kinds of shenanigans in her sets! Audiences can expect puppets, dancers, and maybe even some rapping...
  • Gringotts Girls: A duo of charming ladies, who represent the goblins' point of view of the wizarding world! Audiences will learn about how fun numbers can be, and what a raw deal awaits any goblins who have to deal with the Boy Who Lived.
  • Priori Incantatem: Julie Stevens is a professional opera singer making her wizard rock debut at AvadaKedavRock! There will be wrock covers and Broadway filks, and they will all sound amazing!