We have an incredible roster of wizard rockers coming to perform at this event! Most of the talent is going to be local (based in or around New York City). Just like last time, there will be some NY debuts, some little-known hidden gems of wrock, and many crowd favorites! This list is going to keep growing, but here's who we have confirmed so far!

  • Dancing Death Eaters: We are the world's first wizard dance troupe! We perform ballroom dance routines to wizard rock songs. If you want to find out more about us, go to our site. In addition to performing two new routines (including our most ambitious dance to date), we will perform all the old favorites, many with the wizard rockers singing live (some for the first time!)
  • Brian Malfoy: One half of Draco and the Malfoys, Brian is one of the most energetic performers around! You'll finally hear all about Draco's side of the story, so expect an awful lot of complaining about that kid with a scar who gets far too much attention for his own good! If you are one of the few remaining wrock fans who's never seen a Malfoy performance, you're in for a treat.
  • Madam Pince and the Librarians: A group of ladies, one of whom really is a very intelligent and fierce librarian, Madam Pince makes the prospect of borrowing a book seem absolutely terrifying! They will teach you about grammar and threaten to whip you, but at Avada KedavRock! we encourage squeeing of all kinds.
  • Gringotts Girls: A duo of charming ladies, they will teach us all that math is fun, providing a valuable counterpoint to the grammar-obsessed Madam Pince. The goblins really get a bit of a raw deal in the Potter books, so you'll finally hear the truth about tragedies like the Potter break-in of 1998. Expect to be out of breath from laughing so hard!
  • Celestial Warmbottom: The oldest of wizards rockers, Celestial is one of the craziest acts you will see! With great age comes great lack of shame, so viewers can expect puppets, dancers, gangsta outfits, and all sorts of shenanigans during Celestial's set!
  • Jared TWG: The Wizard Guy was last seen locally making his NYC debut at Avada KedavRock! 2012 as the human partner of Mr. Leth I. Fold. Since then, however, creative differences made it impossible for them to work together. As TWG thought it was best to perform for listeners rather than eat them, Mr. Fold returned to Papua where he can be found stalking for his next unsuspecting meal, and TWG will return to NYC to perform wizard rock.
  • Forgotten Houses: After they make their NYC debut, you will forever remember the Forgotten Houses! While Gryffindor House is frowned upon, we welcome all other houses, regardless of how well-remembered they are. And don't forget that the Forgotten Houses include a real-life Ginny Potter!
  • Sunny Williams: A warrior in cowboy boots, Sunny Williams is coming in from pretty far out of of town, so you don't want to miss her! HP fans may know her from the fan film Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise, and now you get to see her wrock out! And if you have geeky tattoos like she does, be sure to compare notes.
  • Band in a Horcrux: The new wrock band on the scene, this Band will rock their Hufflepuff pride at the show! As the premier alternative wizard jazz band, they will have you tapping your feet to some crazy and romantic songs!