We have an incredible roster of wizard rockers coming to perform at this event! Most of the talent is going to be local (based in or around New York City). And we can also reveal that three absolutely amazing wizard rockers will be coming out of various retirements/hiatuses for this event - Swish and Flick, Madam Pince and the Librarians, and The Butterbeer Experience!

  • Dancing Death Eaters: We are the world's first wizard dance troupe! We perform ballroom dance routines to wizard rock songs. A lot of our merch will be up in the Kickstarter, so to see all of it, and to find out more about us, go to our site. In addition to performing three new routines (including very ambitious Quidditch dance number to Witherwings's "Oliver Wood"), we will perform some old favorites, most with the wizard rockers singing live (some for the first time!)
  • Swish and Flick: One of the best wizard rockers out there, Swish will be performing solo at this event - but she alone packs more energy in a performance than most other bands! She's been on hiatus for a while now, so we're very excited to have her performing, and she will be the closing act. Swish shows off just how much fun being Slytherin can be! There will be lots of Swish and Flick merch in our Kickstarter, which you can see at their site.
  • The Butterbeer Experiece: This is a one-woman band consisting of Lena Gabrielle, who has one of the best voices in wizard rock, if not in the world. Newly moved to NYC, we'll give her a proper wizard rock welcome! We're lucky to have her coming out of retirement for this event as well. Lena is also responsible for many acclaimed Harry Potter musicals. Find out all about her at her site. Being sick stinks!
  • Madam Pince and the Librarians: A duo of ladies, one of whom really is a very intelligent and fierce librarian, Madam Pince makes the prospect of borrowing a book seem absolutely terrifying! Also coming out of retirement, I really look forward to welcoming Madam Pince to our show.
  • Celestial Warmbottom: The oldest of wizards rockers, Celestial is one of the quirkiest acts you will see! With great age comes great lack of shame, and whether Celestial is using puppets, dancers, or a hip-hop outfit in her act, it will definitely be worth watching!
  • Carpe Geekdom: This is a new band, formed from a trio of excellent wrockers: Muggle Mike, Fred and George the Band, and Snidget. All three of them are local favorites as their former wrock personas, but this will be the NY debut of the newly united band! Find out more about them at their site.
  • Leth I Fold: A wrocker with many fresh ways of looking at things (and some awesome beatboxing skills), I do believe this will be Leth I Fold's very first show played in New York City! We will, of course, be giving this band a proper New York welcome, and I can't wait to finally see a live performance!
  • Hawthorn & Holly: This superb band hails all the way from North Carolina, but thanks to some Felix Felicis, they will be in NYC the weekend of the concert and will give us a dazzling performance! With a wide range of songs covering just about everything in Harry Potter, there's a song for every fan here. We here at Avada KedavRock! are partial to "Art of Parseltongue"... and we hear the Death Eaters are partial to it as well! That stupid Hurricane Sandy didn't let them make it to NYC!
  • Gringotts Girls: A duo of charming ladies, they will teach us all that math is fun, providing a valuable counterpoint to the grammar-obsessed Madam Pince. Although they're fairly local, they don't perform very often, so this is a rare chance to see them in NYC!
  • Justin Finch-Fletchley: One of the most established wrockers around, JFF has been making Hufflepuffs proud for years! Be sure to rest up before his set, because the're exhausting - you'll be jumping, stomping, and dancing until you drop! There have been reported incidents of human tug-of-war during his sets (debating over which song he should play next), because everyone loves JFF!