The boys are super excited about AOK this year. Tag, in particular,  said that he enjoys it the  most. :-)  –  Taylor B.

For Zac, it wouldn't be summer without AOK! –  Michelle A.

Cole LOVED AOK last summer!! Thank you so very much for organizing! He is so looking forward to attending again this summer!  – Mandi M.

Thanks again for the fun camp! I really appreciate your care and fun trip ideas this past week. –  Rebecca C.

My 3 kids can’t wait to get back to AOK camp! Not only does AOK hit all the awesome water spots, the staff provides a fun and safe time, with lots of personalized attention that was notably absent at another similar camp we tried last summer! AOK rocks! – Amy B.

She had a great time and  wants to go back next summer!  -  Melanie H.

Ruby and Jane had a blast during Session 3.  Katharine B.

My daughter enjoyed the variety of activities and the other children were very nice. I found the staff kind and thoughtful. – Dan C.

My 8 year old son loves AOK. He has asked to attend AOK all summer long. Never boring. Great care and safety. No sunburn. – Karen W.

Kid tested. Parent approved! My son puts this camp at the top of his summer list, and we are delighted with the activities. – Tonie K.

Thank you Kate!  In case you did not know – you never cease to amaze me. Your professionalism, organization and planning skills are impeccable!!! Not to mention you make everything FUN! So thoughtful and foresightful. Very few people I would trust to drive my kiddos all over central Texas with. Hope you are having a great summer so far! - Heather D.

Mackenzie has loved every minute of it. – Mark P.


Garrett looked forward to camp every morning. I thought the temperature outside would be too much/high and that Garrett would be sunburned--so glad to learn that neither was true. He is ready to return to AOK. - Karen W.

Upon pulling into the parking lot at Mentzer Pool: I LOVE THIS PLACE! I LOVE THIS PLACE! I REMEMBER THIS PLACE FROM LAST YEAR! I LOOOOOOVE THIS PLACE!!! - Owen, returning camper


We are in for sessions 1,2,5,& 6!!!! Owen is SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to do your camp again! It was his favorite J - Heather H.


Hi Kate, The kids and I are having our "mini-Kate's-camp" this week and it's already such a blast!  Thanks again for the wonderful job you did with the camp and for inspiring me to continue the adventure. This has really been a wonderful way to explore Central Texas with the kids. They have been having a great time and yet don't know how lucky we all are, but I do.  We wouldn't be experiencing all of the without your insipration. - Joelle B.

Run by Kate Smith, a professional with nearly two decades in child care and teaching, Austin Outdoor Kids (AOK) plans a ton of activities and day trips for your kids. It's like summer camp on steroids (in a good way). With trips to Schlitterbahn, Deep Eddy, Granite Beach Waterpark and more, AOK will keep the kids busy and happy. It's a safe environment, one I feel comfortable letting my daughter be a part of. I trust Kate. She's an amazing  - and patient - woman. I can't recommend this camp highly enough.  - Deanna G.  

I have really appreciated Kate's role as my daughter's Girl Scout troop leader for the last 4 years. Kate has been instrumental in my child's complete enjoyment of the many Girl Scout camping and adventure experiences that she has planned for the troop.  - Jessica D.

AOK was included in this article about 5 Great Summer Camps in Austin! http://do512family.com/2012/06/5-great-summer-camps-in-austin/


I have been a Girl Scout co-leader with Kate the past 4 years. She is patient, creative, and energetic with the children, as well as organized and responsible. I trust her not only with the safety and well-being of my child but I also trust that time spent with Kate will be fun and worthwhile. Austin is lucky to have this type of old-fashioned summer fun experience for our children! - Kristin K.


'Kate is a warm and fun-loving Girl Scout troop leader. We have been on several camp outs together and I think she helps the girls to find their own strength and skills with patience and humor. I think she will make a great camp leader.'  - Kathy S.