Spotlight on Session 2

Every season we have one session that fills more slowly than the others. This year, that session is Session 2. I'm never sure if these sessions fill slowly due to family vacations, registrants being unfamiliar with the field trip locations, or if parents/campers don't think the locations will be fun. Rest assured, EVERY AOK session is packed with fun!!!

I've included descriptions of the Session 2 field trip locations below and put together a photo album on Facebook to let everyone know just how much fun we'll have during Session 2.

Session 2 adventures:

Session 2 Field Trips

Richard Moya Park
Richard Moya Park is Zilker's lesser known cousin. Like Zilker, RM is huge and covered in ancient trees. Unlike Zilker, RM is barely visited on week days. Consequently we generally have the entire park to ourselves. We play games, build with LEGOs, and do crafts under the shade pavilions. We use the courts for badminton, basketball, and four square. We also have plenty of room to roam on the extensive grounds, among the multiple playscapes, and on the cool bridge that crosses Onion Creek.

Garrison Pool
Garrison Pool is one of Austin's larger municipal pools, though it's not as crowded as some of the other large pools. We take pool toys for the shallow end and the deep end has a diving board. The gated pool area includes a large shady lawn which is great for frisbee or a board game.

Brushy Creek Lake Park and Splahpad
Another great shady park, Brushy Creek has pavilions for games and LEGOs, a hiking trail that circles a lake, a sand volley ball court, playscape, and a splashpad.

Veterans Memorial Pool
VM Pool is our campers' favorite pool. It has a water playscape with a huge dump bucket, a floating log crossing, water basketball, a diving platform, and a tube slide that shoots you into the air before you splash into the pool. 

Schlitterbahn: Main Park
Kids love it...parents are glad they can send their kids with AOK! The main park is the part that has been in operation since the water park opened in 1966 so there are enormous shade trees throughout the park. It features multiple slides, many tube floats, pools, and water playscapes. "It's the hottest coolest time in Texas!"

2014 was our first season to visit Splashtown and what we found is that Splashtown is underrated. Splashtown has lots of big slides, several water playscapes, a tube float, and a wave pool. There was plenty to do and our campers were entertained all day. The true value of Splashtown comes in the amount of time spent playing and riding rides vs. waiting in line.  The lines at Splashhtown are short. I mean really short, like 5 minutes or less. There were many times when our group finished riding, climbed back to the top of the slide and got right back on. It was awesome! I must also mention that Splashtown has trees, and we are always on the lookout for trip locations with mature trees! Check out the Splashtown map here:

Leisure Resort Campground
Leisure Resort is a privately owned campground located on the San Marcos River. At LR the fun is in the float. Campers like to put on a life vest, run upstream, jump in the water, then float down the river. Some campers do this over and over all day long. Others collect minnows in buckets or just chillax in the cool water. We take a break at mid-day to make tinfoil boats and then return to the river to test them.