PhD. Theses Supervision (6)


  • Mónica León (Start date January 2019).  Trophic interactions between frugivore bats and plants of the Ecuadorian dry scrub ecosystem. University of Alcalá.(Co-supervision: José María Rey Benayas)
  • Nadine Sugianto (Upgraded from MRes Feb 2016), Badger reproductive ecophysiology. University of Oxford (Co-supervision: Buesching Macdonald)

  • Severin Dressen. (Start date October 2012). Space use and demography of wood mice. University of Oxford.(Co-supervision: Tim Coulson)
  • Dr. Ben Godsall, 2015. Mechanisms of space use in the wood mouse, Apodemus sylvaticusImperial College London
  • Dr. Tim Stratton. (Start date February 2012). Personality trait effects on wood mice demography. Nottingham Trent University(Co-supervision: Dr. Samantha Bremner-Harrison).
  • Helen Davies, Imperial College London. (Sept 2009-Jan 2010: discontinued).