Master Theses Supervision (26)

26 Master students supervised 

(11 were awarded project distinctions and 12 won positions and started their PhDs)

Nadine being awarded the 1st Outstanding Student Award for Indonesia in 2013.


26. Molinero, C. MRes Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Energy metabolism drivers of rodent space use behaviour. 

25. Cardoso, MI. MRes. Biotic drivers of tick prevalence and abundance in Iberian ecosystems. Aveiro University.


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21. Sugianto, Nadine. 2014-2015. MRes. University of Oxford. Reproductive Endocrinology of The European Badger (Meles meles): Effects on Reproduction, Behavior, and Survival (Co-supervisors Prof. David MacDonald and Dr. Christina Buesching). 

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12. Knipe, K. MSc. 2011. Comparison of field methods for detecting hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) (Co-supervisor Dr. Philip Baker, Reading University).

11. Goh, M. MSc. (A*)  Conservation Science. 2011. Developing an automated acoustic monitoring system to estimate abundance of Cory's Shearwaters in the Azores (Co-supervised with John Fa, Dr. Marcus Rowcliffe, ZSL).

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1. Godsall, B. (A*) MRes. Ecol.Evol.Cons 2009. The influence of predation risk and food abundance on space use by Apodemus sylvaticus 


A* - Distiction