Research Project Supervision

Total number of projects supervised (35)

PhD Projects (6)

6. Mónica León, Interacciones entre murciélagos frugívoros y plantas en matorrales secos montanos de Ecuador. Universidad de Alcalá. (Co-supervisor JM Rey Benayas). (Ongoing)

5. Nadine SugiantoBadger reproductive ecophysiology. DPhil Oxford University (Ongoing).

4. Rocio PozoHuman-elephant conflicts in the north-east Okavango DeltaDPhil Oxford University (2013-2017) - Completed

3. Severin Dressen, Population dynamics and space use in voles. DPhil Oxford University (2013-2017) - Completed

2. Tim StrattonPersonality traits in mice and implications for reintroductionsNottingham Trent University (February 2012-April 2015) - Completed

1. Ben GodsallDrivers and consequences of space use in rodentsImperial College London (Part-time PhD student: 2010-2015) - Completed


MRes and MSc Projects (27) – A* stands for a distinction (10)

27. Goh, Fang. MSc. Ecology Evolution and Conservation. Imperial College London 2020 (Ongoing).

26. Molinero, Carlos. MRes. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 2020 (Ongoing).

25. Cardoso do Sousa, Ines. MRes. Universidad de Aveiro. Universidad de Alcalá 2020 (Ongoing).

24. Peter Stewart. (A*) MRes. 2019. Ecology Evolution and Conservation. Imperial College London

23. Sean Keane. (A*) MSc. 2019. Ecology Evolution and Conservation. Imperial College London

22. Alex Tuñas. MSc. 2017. Ecology Evolution and Conservation. Imperial College London (Co-supervised with Tim Barraclough).

21. Sugianto, Nadine MRes. 2014-2016. Co-supervised with Prof. David MacDonald and Dr. Christina Buesching. Oxford University (To be upgraded to DPhil candidate in February 2016)

20. Bryony Allen. (A*) MSc. Ecology Evolution and Conservation. Imperial College London 2014 (Co-supervised with Sarah Knowles).

19.Barker, R. MSc. 2012 The effects of interspecific competition on Apodemus sylvaticus. Imperial College.

18.McLoughlin, S. (A*) MSc. Ecological Applications. 2012 Personality trait effects on wood mice daily activity patterns. Imperial College London.

17.Moorehouse-Gann, RM. (A*) MSc.2012 Influence of invertebrate food resources in space use patterns and reproductive success: an experimental approach. Imperial College London.

16.Dressen, S. (A*) MSc 2012 At what scale do microhabitat structures influence mouse space use behaviour? Imperial College London.

15.Sandbach, L. MRes. Metabolic rate effects on rodent over-wintering survival. Imperial College.

14.Hicks, O. (A*) MRes. 2012 Phenotypic, ecological and environmental determinants of social interactions and its effects on wood mice over-winter survival. Imperial College.

13.Brouard, M. MRes. 2012 Seed predation and dispersal behaviour in Apodemus sylvaticus. Imperial College.

12.Knipe, K. MSc. 2011 Comparison of field methods for detecting hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) (Co-supervised with Baker). Imperial College London.

11.Goh, M. MSc. Conservation Science. 2011 Developing an automated acoustic monitoring system to estimate abundance of Cory's Shearwaters in the Azores (Co-supervised with Fa, Rowcliffe). Imperial College.

10.Ginnaw, S. MSc. 2011 Habitat selection by the Slowworm (Anguis fragilis) on broadleaf woodlands. Imperial College London.

9.Oxley, A. MSc. (A*)  Environmental Technology. 2011 Assessing the impact of forest edges and matrix types on the composition of small mammals in the Interior Atlantic Forest of Paraguay. Imperial College London.

8.Powell, T. Ecol.Evol.Cons. Spatial home-range determinants on a wood mouse population during winter. Imperial College London.

7.Kingcome, G. MRes. 2010-2011.Spatio-temporal seed crop variation effects on mouse space use and activity patterns. Imperial College.

6.McCandless, S-J. MSc. Ecol.Evol.Cons.2010 Determinants of female reproduction in the wood mouse, Apodemus sylvaticus. Imperial College London.

5.Wevill, C. MSc. Ecol.Evol.Cons. 2010 An integrated approach to identify individual determinants of space use. Imperial College London.

4.Grange, Z. (A*) MSc. Ecol.Evol.Cons. 2009 Determinants of parasite prevalence and intensity in Apodemus sylvaticus. Imperial College London.

3.Taylor, A. MSc. Cons.Forest. 2009 The influence of invasive species upon natural communities. Imperial College London.

2.Prebble, C. MSc.Ecol.Evol.Cons.2009 Behavioural responses of Apodemus sylvaticus to direct and indirect predator cues. Imperial College London.

1.Godsall, B. (A*) MRes. Ecol.Evol.Cons 2009. The influence of predation risk and food abundance on space use by Apodemus sylvaticus. Imperial College London.


Undergraduate Projects  (13) – A* stands for a distinction (5)

13. Zaragozano, C. Honours Thesis. Universidad de Alcalá. (Ongoing)

12. Ojalvo, L. Honours Thesis. Universidad de Alcalá. (Ongoing)

11. Sayago, A. Honours Thesis. Universidad de Alcalá. (Ongoing)

10. Bielsa, R. Honours Thesis. Universidad de Alcalá. (Ongoing)

9. De Diego, H. Honours Thesis. Universidad de Alcalá. (Ongoing) 

8. Roldán, G. Honours Thesis. Universidad de Alcalá. (Ongoing) 

7. Iglesias, P. Honours Thesis. Universidad de Alcalá. (Ongoing) 

6. Comendador, J. Honours Thesis. Universidad de Alcalá. (Ongoing)

5. García, J.- Honours Thesis. 2018-2019. Causas y efectos ambientales de especies de mamíferos invasores en la Península Ibérica. Universidad de Alcalá. 

4. Molinero, C. (A*) . Honours Thesis. 2018-2019. Efectos de las interacciones parásito-huésped en la distribución de especies de aves dentro de su rango térmico (Main supervisor I. Morales-Castilla).

3. Travers, M. Honours Thesis. 2017-2018. Sexual conflict and lifespan in Callosobruchus maculatus: insights from experimental evolution. University of Oxford and Estacion Biologica de Doñana (CSIC). 

2. Cates, R. (A*) Honours Thesis. 2014-2015. How does moon illumination affect the activity patterns of the wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)? University of Oxford. 

1. Lorensu, R. (A*) Honours Thesis. 2001-2002. Fluctuating asymmetry as an indicator or genetic and environmental stress in red deer populations. Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. 

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