Impact and Media Attention

Media Attention & Public Engagement and Outreach

Research Impact and Media Attention


  • Documentary on Mammal Research at Wytham woods (UK 2016)
Our rodent research at Wytham woods (Oxford) featured at the Oxford's Natural History Museum, Oxford. 
Impact and Outreach: "A Laboratory with leaves"Watch the complete series covering very interesting on-going research at Wytham!

A Laboratory with Leaves

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History receives 700,000 visitors per year.

The museum is a land mark in the evolution of ideas because it hosted the "1860 Oxford Evolution Debate" during a meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, where Thomas Huxley debated about Evolution with Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford. The Museum iconically represents a shift of paradigm: moving society away from an account of life on earth (and the existence of our own species) based on a literal interpretation of the Bible, and moving society closer to scientific ideas underpinned by the concept of evolution by natural selection, a key discovery by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. In a sense, humans left the intellectual darkness of interpretations of the natural world diversity based on supernatural powers, and got closer to the light that scientific understanding brings. Ultimately, this discovery and subsequent conceptual contributions by others (Fisher, Wright...) and our understanding of the DNA (Watson, Crick and Franklin) allowed the 20th century revolution in biological sciences, and medical breakthroughs, that have had a massively positive impact on human societies

  • BBC Breakfast TV live (United Kingdom 2014) 
Invited to BBC Breakfast TV live show. Topic Invasive Species. Rhododendron effects on natural woodlands (July 2014). Reserach from the Mouse project at Silwood Park.

BBC Breakfast Red Couch

  • Telemundo Television (United States 2007)
    Interviewed by Janet Rodriguez  for a 4 chapters series: Pesticide effects on reproductive health, climate change, recycling, water (viewed in District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland (USA) 
    and in 2 other TV channels, February 2007)

  • Pesticide Effects on Reproductive Traits

    Cambio climatico

    Heavy metal and pesticides

  • TV UCLM (Spain 2005)
    My research featured: 
    Malo et al 2005 Antlers honestly advertise sperm production and quality. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  

Malo et al 2005. Proc Roy Soc B.

    Radio and Online

  • Interview for BBC Springwatch on rabbit ecology (2013).                                          

  • lnterview for BBC Nature-on rodents and invasive Species (April 2013) 

  • My research has been featured in more than 60 digital and paper media outlets (see a few below)
        On the role of fathers as drivers of Sex ratio

        On red deer
        On carnivores
        On mice

  • Featured Journal Covers (include newspaper highlights of my research)

Public Engagement and Outreach

General Public

  • Outreach: Interview at Wytham Woods for the permanent exhibition a "Laboratory with Leaves" of the Oxford Natural History Museum  (July 2015). 

  • Invited Seminar at the Oxford Nature Conservation Society:  'Invasives: fight them or learn to live with them?‘  Wadham College, November 2013.

  • Round table at: "Conservation and the Camera" event in Bristol (Bristol Zoo, 2nd Nov 2013).

Secondary Education Students

  • Talk at Cutteslowe Primary School, Oxford: "What is Natural Selection?" (June 2015).

  • Talk at Cutteslowe Primay School, Oxford: "The Evolution of Life on Earth" (March 2015).
The Evolution of Life on Earth / 8-yo kids version


  • Seminars (3 different ones) topic: “Ecology and the Environment, Madrid City Council, April 2004.
  • Seminar The Environmental Crisis in the Parish of Conde Casal, January 2003.

  • Seminar: "Sustainable Development" School Montserrat, Orcasitas-Madrid, May 2002.

  • Seminar: Ecology and Conservation Problems, Regional Government of Madrid, Vicalvaro, May 2000.

  • Teaching program convener, organiser and lecturer at outdoor teaching camps of "Aulas de Naturaleza de Caja Madrid" 4 weeks (one per season) yearly (1998, 1999, 2000). Total number of 11-14 year old students per event was 150-200. The total number of students taught over a 3 year period was ~ 2000.
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