Fieldwork in Pictures

Our collaborators from the Electronic Engineering Department IC, 
taking measurements and confirming spatial resolution of tracked mice could come down to 25cm

All trees in our study site at Silwood Park are individually tagged and their seed production estimated

Flags delimiting the study site grid squares

Arrival to St Kilda archipelago (Island of Hirta) August 2002 summer field work expedition. Ready to catch sheep! 

Harm Smeenge, Nathalie Charbonel and Aurelio Malo in Hirta

Bird census in the Paraguay River (Brazil and Bolivia). Using research to help bird conservation in a biodiversity hotspot.

Soay Sheep data collection at St Kilda! Research Visitor at J Pemberton's Lab, ICAPB, University of Edinburgh.

Field work in Cazorla, Jaen province, Spain. 

Rodent data collection during the Pre-Shed Era at Silwood Park

Bank vole (Myodes glareolus) about to be released

Setting up traps with the first master student of the Mouse Project, field technician (and currently Dr) Ben Godsall

Ultrasound scanner of adult lioness working with the Endangered Wildlife Trust

Hours away from base camp in Esamalam, Ecuatorial Guiney

Blood sampling a white rhino in Pilansberg National Park (South Africa)

Blood sampling a black rhino calf

Wood mouse data collection at Silwood Park, Ascot, Uk.