The MALO Group

Recent Publications

Malo, Gilbert, Riordan.  Drivers of sex ratio bias in the eastern bongo: lower inbreeding increases the probability of being born male. 2019. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  link

Lozano et al. Human-carnivore relations: A systematic review. 2019. Biological Conservation. link

Colchero et al. The diversity of population responses to environmental change. 2019. Ecology Letters. link

Lacy, Malo, Alaks. Maintenance of genetic variation in quantitative traits of a woodland rodent during generations of captive breeding. 2018. Conservation Genetics. link

Malo*, Martinez-Pastor, Garcia-Gonzalez, Garde, Ballou, Lacy. " father effect explains sex ratio bias. 2017. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 284: 20171159

Dressen, Godsall, Coulson, Malo AF Undercover: Habitat features reducing predation risk are major driver of home range size variation in a woodland rodent. 2017 Ecology and Evolution

Virgós, Lozano, Cabezas-Díaz, Macdonald, Zalewski, Atienza, Proulx, Ripple, Rosalino, Santos-Reis, Johnson, Malo Baker. A poor international standard for trap selectivity threatens carnivore conservation. 2016. Biodiversity and Conservation. 25, 1409–1419.

Pozo, Schindler, Cubaynes, Cusack, Coulson, Malo. Modelling the impact of selective harvesting on red deer. Journal of Wildlife Management. Published on-line

Selected Publications

Godsall, Coulson, Malo*. 2014. From physiology to space use: energy reserves and androgenization explain home range size variation in Apodemus sylvaticus. Journal of Animal Ecology 83, 126-135

Malo* at al. 2012. Positive effects of an invasive shrub on aggregation and abundance of a native small rodent. Behavioral Ecology 24, 759-767.

Malo* et al. 2010. Effects of Genetic Captive-Breeding Protocols on Sperm Quality and Fertility in the white-footed mouse. Biology of Reproduction 83, 540-548.

Malo* & Coulson. 2009. HFCs and associative overdominance: new detection method and proof of principle in the Iberian wild boar. Molecular Ecology 18, 2741 –2742.

Malo* et al 2009.What does testosterone do for red deer males? Proceedings of the Royal Society London B. 276, 971–980.

Coulson & Malo. 2008. Population biology: Case of the absent lemmings. Nature 456, 43-44.

Malo et al. 2006 Sperm design and sperm function. Biology Letters 2, 246–249.

Gomendio, Malo, et al 2006 Male fertility and sex ratio at birth in red deer. Science 314, 1445-1447.

Malo et al. 2005 Antlers Honestly Advertise Ejaculate Competitiveness. Proceedings of the Royal Society London B 272, 149–157.

I am a broadly trained multidisciplinary biologist interested on how evolution has shaped phenotypic and life-history traits in mammals. My research is mainly empirical, drawing from theory in the fields of Ecology, Behaviour, Physiology, and Genetics to identify the drivers and consequences of these sources of variation on individuals. It also draws from the field of evolutionary demography to understand the population-level consequences and evolutionary outcomes of such variation. 

To this end, I set up and run The Mouse Project at Silwood Park, Imperial College London, one of Silwood Park long-term field studies. The study began in 2008 and uses a high-resolution spatially-explicit approach to capture the biotic and abiotic drivers of individual variation and population dynamics. On this website, you will find out more about my research interests, projects, publications, lab members, teaching activities and the impact of our work.

I am currently a Lecturer and Ramon y Cajal Senior Researcher at the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Alcala (Madrid), an Honorary Lecturer at Imperial College London, and a Senior Research Associate at Oxford's Zoology Department. I am also a consultant for the Department of Continuing Education (Oxford University) and for Marwell Wildlife (Southampton). I have also been Biology Lecturer at St. Hilda's College (Oxford University). 



  • BSc (Hons) (1997) Biological Sciences. Complutense University, Madrid. 5-year degree

Membership of Professional Societies 


      • Grupo de Carnívoros Terrestres


November 2018- New paper accepted in Ecology Letters "The diversity of population responses to environmental change" (Colchero et al).

February 2018- New paper accepted in Conservation Genetics "Maintenance of genetic variation in quantitative traits of a woodland rodent during generations of captive breeding(Lacy, Malo Alaks).

Sept 2017 - NEW POSITION - I have been awarded a Ramon y Cajal Contract from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness that I will take to the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain.

June 2017 - New paper accepted "A father effect explains sex ratio bias" in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

June 2017-Invited Seminar at Estación Biológica de Doñana, CSIC, Seville (Host Dr Paco Garcia-Gonzalez)

June 2017-Honours student Matthew Travers, travels to Seville to Paco Garcia-Gonzalez's lab (Doñana Biological Station, CSIC) to do his research project

April 2017- Alex, Master Student from Imperial, finished his project on the effects of genetic variation on life history traits of Scimitar-horned Oryx

March 2017-Invited Seminar at the School of Biosciences, Cardiff University (Host Dr Frank Hailer)

February 2017- New anonymous teaching evaluations for Aurelio Malo from Oxford University 1st and 2nd year students, 2016.

January 2017-
Congratulations to Severin Dressen for his DPhil (PhD) Thesis viva: "Space use patterns and population dynamics in two common European rodents, Apodemus sylvaticus and Myodes glareolusThird doctoral Thesis to come out of the Mouse Project at Silwood Park.

November 2016-Invited Seminar at the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CSIC) Madrid.

November 2016-We welcome to the lab Alex Tunas;  Master Student from Imperial College. Alex will be working on the effects of genetic variation on life history traits of Scimitar-horned Oryx.

October 2016-Congrats to Severin Dressen for having his new paper on voles accepted in Ecology and Evolution.  

September 2016-Great field work at Cabaneros National Park, Spain, with Rey, Diaz and colleagues from the National Museum of Natural Sciences.
June 2016-Checking, cleaning and fine-tunning rodent data loggers and field work equipment.

May 2016-I have been the most read author from the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, on Research Gate.

May 2016-New paper published on-line "A poor international standard for trap selectivity threatens carnivore conservation" in Biodiversity and Conservation
May 2016-New paper published on-line by PhD student Rocio Pozo: Modelling the impact of selective harvesting on red deer. Journal of Wildlife Management

May 2016-Well done to all the participants of the on-line course Data Analysis in Ecology: Statistics for Ecologists and Field Biologists, 2016 (Dept of Continuing         Education, University of Oxford)

April 2016-Outreach: Our rodent research at Wytham woods featured at the Oxford's Natural History Museum, in the Series "A laboratory with leaves"

April 2016-New paper on trap selectivity definition and associated risks accepted in Biodiversity and Conservation 

April 2016-Invited seminar at Marwell Wildlife. Fantastic interaction with conservation-minded people that want to see science deliver on the species conservation front

April 2016-New paper accepted. Congratulations to Rocio Pozo. 1st paper of her DPhil on selective hunting on red deer accepted

March 2016-Congratulations to Nadine Sugianto's, her project on badgers upgraded to DPhil at Oxford

February 2016-Our sex ratio paper rejected in Nature, Science, Nature Communications and Current Biology in just over a month.. There's clearly something wrong with... these journals!

January 2016-Starting to work with colleagues at the Department of Continuing Education, Oxford University.

January 2016-Red deer paper re-submitted by Rocio Pozo to the Journal of Wildlife Management. 

December 2015- Dr Sarah Knowles leaves the mouse project at Silwood Park coinciding with maternity leave. Sarah has been a fabulous colleague. Congrats as well for her new position at the Royal Veterinary College London.

December 2015-Mouse paper submitted to Nature Communications. 

December 2015- Undergraduate admissions at the University of Oxford.

November 2015-Invited Seminar at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern, Switzerland. Great discussions    with Nicolas Fasel and his amazing bat study system!

November 2015- PhD Transfer Viva for candidate Gerardo Ceron, from Community Ecology Research Oxford. 

November 2015-Master Student Nadine Sugianto gets upgraded. Well-done Nadine!

November 2015-External PhD Review Panel for PhD candidate Teresa Moran Lopez from CSIC.