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Patio & Decking

 Keeping your driveway, patio, or decking clean is always a challenge.

Discoloration of these surfaces, along with the effect of mold, algae and other natural effects can often result in much hard work. A T Window Cleaning can help you because we do all the hard work so you don't have to.

With our experience and knowledge of patio and driveway cleaning we can have your patio looking like new. can help you because we do all the hard work so you don't have to. We offer you the complete service, starting with removing all obstructions and then using our high powered pressure washer and rotary surface cleaner, we professionally clean all dirt, stains etc to a high standard. Dependent on the surface in question i.e slabs, concrete, block paving you may also wish to have this re-sealed which we can do for you at a additional cost, please note re-sanding will require a second visit as the area that has been cleaned will have to completely dry before the re-sanding can commence.

As a additional service you may also wish to have the area in question sealed, sealing your surface has a number of benefits as  it helps protect the surface from further stains and dirt, it also helps to stabilize's the re-sanding process, it prevents weeds growing through gaps in the surface and also looks more appealing.

Keeping your decking Clean is a yearly chore. With the fall of leaves, growth of winter moss and algae, comes that unsightly look and more important that dangerous slippery surface which we have all slipped on. We can clean, also if required, reseal surfaces