This is a course in Algebraic Topology.  I taught this course once before in Spring 2017. 
Here is the website for that course.  The books we will be following are: 

1) "Topology", by James Munkres. 
2) "Algeberaic Topology", by Allen Hatcher. 
3) "Elements of Algebraic Topology", by James Munkres. 
4) "Foundations of Differentiable Manifolds and Lie Groups", by Frank Warner.

Your grades will be based on regular homework assignments and quizzes (30%),  one mid 
term (30%) and one final exam (40%). 

Late homework will NOT be accepted.  

Please visit this site regularly  for announcements regarding the course.  

                                                        Your final exam papers have been graded.


Homework 1.               
Homework 4.       
Homework 6.       

Recommended reading assignment. 
1) Read the definition of a CW complex from Hatcher (pages 5,6 and 7). 

2) Look up an alternative way to calculate the degree of map, by reading Proposition 2.30 from Hatcher. 

3) Read the relationship between the fundamental group and the first homology group, by reading Theorem 2A.1 
    from Hatcher. 

Practice Mid Term Exam 

Mid Term Exam 
Mid Term Exam.                           Solutions to Mid Term Exam.

Practice Questions for the Final Exam 

Final Exam 
Final Exam.                           Solutions to Final Exam.