Athenry Tree Planting Plan 2011

Athenry Tidy Towns Group has an ambitious plan  to plant up to 5,000 native trees
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and shrubs around the town over the next 4 years. This year we will begin by planting 1,182 trees as laid out in the plan below.

We have decided to plant all of Irelands native trees and shrubs around the town, even though a small number of them would not be particularly native to this area. We will develop a specimen tree trail once the plants are somewhat mature, with identification and information boards.

As part of this plan we will also develop a number of wildflower meadows in different spots around the town and develop wildflower corridors to these meadows.These trees, shrubs and wildflowers will provide nesting and feeding habitats for a huge variety of insects, birds and wildlife.

The Skylark Centre and the seven local national schools in the parish will be doing the planting for us and we hope to see a huge amount of parents and children come out on the day of the planting, 9.00 am 10th December 2011. We realise that some people living in the parish attend schools outside the parish and if they wish to come along to help out with the planting they are more than welcome.

The Tidy Towns group has organised a large number of volunteers that will be involved in traffic calming and management as the plantings take place beside some busy roads. We will require that all children taking part wear Hi-Viz vests and are accompanied by a parent. Gloves are not compulsory but would be a good idea. We would ask parents to bring a spade with them if possible as we will not be able to provide enough spades. The planting will begin at 9.00am and we would expect it to take approximately an hour depending on the numbers that turn up.

We hope to have photographs taken in each area during and after the planting. We would like to get a photo of each school group at their site to put with a certificate of participation, that we will present to each school. These photos will be in the local papers and put up on our website. RTE, TV3 and TG4 have all been invited to attend.

The trees and shrubs are all saplings and the planting is not a difficult job. The spade is put into the ground and moved forwards and back a few tim
e to loosen the earth. The sapling is then put in behind the spade, taking care not to damage the roots, to the depth where the roots and stem meet. The spade is then removed and the earth either side of the sapling is heeled firmly down.

The Tidy Towns Group will look after the maintenance of the saplings for the next few years which will require regular strimming until the trees are somewhat mature. Most of these trees are medium to fast growing and should be of substantial size in 5 to 10 years.

Opposite Gort Na Mhaoilir – Gaelscoil Riada

  • Crabapple                                                  23
  • Elderberry                                                  25

  • Hazel                                                         33

  • Hawthorn                                                   20

  • Guelder Roses - white                               30

  • Blackthorn – green                                     20



Around roundabout on Derrydonnell Road – Carnaun National School

  • Holly                                                          63

  • Hazel                                                          60

  • Bird Cherry                                                 16

  • Crabapple                                                  10

  • Haw                                                             8



Road out to flyover – Coldwood National School & Liheenkyle National School

  • Wild Cherry                                              150

  • Sessile Oak                                                  5

  • Pedunculate Oak                                          5

  • Ash                                                              5

  • Blackthorn                                                 55



Bank of incomplete flyover – Tidy Towns Group

  • Blackthorn                                                 25

  • European Spindle                                       28



Road between two roundabouts going towards motorway – Tidy Towns Group

  • Sessile Oak                                               15

  • Pedunculate Oak                                       15

  • Ash                                                           15

  • Scots Pine                                                 20



Left Hand Side approaching Joyces from Motorway – Newcastle National School

  • Goat Willow                                              60

  • Black Alder                                               25



Right hand side after Joyces towards dublin road roundabout and out towards cemetry – Scoil Chroi Naofa & Athenry Boys School

  • Silver Birch                                               35

  • Elderberry                                                 45

  • Rowan                                                      70

  • Blackthorn                                               50

  • Bird Cherry                                               25



From pump house building on road from cemetry to past roundabout on council yard side – Athenry Boys School

  • Juniper                                                     35

  • Downey Birch                                           25

  • Alder Buckthorn                                       30

  • Guelder Rose                                           20



Beside Community Park – Tidy Towns Group

  • Bird Cherry                                              20

  • Killarney Strawberry                                23




                                                            Total 1,109

New Line - Tidy Towns Group

Bird Cherry                                                        25

Total of each Tree variety

Ash                                              20

Pedunculate Oak                           20

Sessile Oak                                   20

Scots Pine                                     20

European Spindle                          28

Wild Cherry                                 150

Bird Cherry                                   86

Crabapple                                    33

Blackthorn                                  150

Hawthorn                                     28

Killarney Strawberry                      23

Alder Buckthorn                           30

Guelder Rose                               50

Silver Birch                                   35

Juniper                                        35

Holly                                           63

Downey Birch                               25

Rowan                                         70

Goat Willow                                  60

Black Alder                                  25

Hazel                                          93

Elderberry                                   70