2011 Adjudication Report

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Tidy Towns Competition 2011

Adjudication Report

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Athenry Galway D

Ref: 189

Mark: 252

Date(s): 29/06/2011


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Overall Development Approach:

Your adjudicator welcomes you to the 2011 TidyTowns competition. Your participation is important to the TidyTowns movement. Thank you for the filled up entry form, maps and plans. There is a large committee in Athenry with lots of support and there are plenty meetings held to plan your activities and monitor progress. There are good contacts with your town and the various agencies and bodies. The contacts you have with the schools are worthwhile and will yield positive benefits now and well into the future. Good to find you give plenty information to the parishioners and this greatly assists the smooth running of the competition. I very much like your statement that the competition provides a focus and goal for all that you do. All of this means you have a very good approach to the competition.

The Built Environment:

There is a great mix of different types of shops and offices in the town of Atheny. Some well designed new shops and a few beauties of the traditional shop fronts. They are too many to list, but this town is well designed from shops to the one-way systems to new developments. Cross street has modern buildings and old town houses. I got the impression that some the town centre business houses have their business reduced with shoppers going to the large supermarket. However others doing specialised trading are holding their own and are in fact flourishing. There are quite a few well developed public houses around the town that appear to be doing good business.The schools are very well presented in extensive buildings and marvellous to see the green flags outside them. The modern church looked very well. I admired the Credit Union and the library which have a good displays of shrubs and flowers.

The highlight of my visit to Athenry was a visit to the castle and it is great to see it so well preserved. Some unexpected delights are revealed on a trip here, and the castle hosts some unique architectural features. The restoration of this building gives it a new lease of life, and it is now a landmark building in the local landscape. I loved the small stone replica building of a castle. There are other picturesque very old buildings in Athenry

where traditional building techniques are revealed.


There are some neat touches of landscaping around the town in various locations. The park is beautiful with the lovely children’s playground, and I was most impressed with the splendid high black railing that protects the children from access to the river. There is an elegant raised shrubbery in that circle at the small waterfall. Great to see some trees on the side of roads notably in Cross street. You pointed out that you have inserted some shrubberies and the one beside Glynn’s bar is a good example of this and it contains a millennium plaque. Off Cross street there are lovely hanging baskets on that small bridge down there. There is a wonderful display of roses in an ivy covered house across from the library. The various flower beds give colour and freshness to their surroundings at a few locations.

Wildlife and Natural Amenities:

Great to see you are paying a lot of attention to this important subject especially in the biodiversity park on the New Line. The buddleias will certainly attract butterflies and other insects. I note your remarks on the ivy and it can sometimes be puzzling as to what to do with it as it is a great habitat for wildlife, but then it will damage some walls if left to grow unchecked. There is a large amount of mature trees in the area and good to see new ones planted.

Litter Control:

Your many initiatives are applauded in the control of litter, but it is hard to keep on top of it fully in this large built up area that attracts so many visitors. The litter control in the park was disappointing with broken litter bins having material falling out of them and with litter dumped beside the bins. There was evidence of drinking taking part in the park with some empty cans there – they were in fairness put into the bins but fell out at the bottom.

Waste Minimisation:

With the schools participating in the green flag programmes there is now a good understanding on proper management of the local environment. We see you have a very responsible attitude to the treatment of waste with segregation, cans and bottles going to the metal company, plastic recycled at Joyces and the use of the civic amenity site.


Unfinished housing estates leave the surroundings untidy as does dereliction but you can only keep pressurising the people responsible for these situations. I loved the way that you have camouflaged some buildings with painted art work and good examples of this is the painting of a country scene alongside the Solicitors Sherlock’s office and there is a beauty of a painting on a door across from Frank Sweeney’s office – well done. At the corner near the GAA grounds the road is dug up, and there were other road works in places, but this work must go on.

Residential Areas:

There are some brilliant houses of different sizes and shapes all around the town that are very well presented with great displays of landscaping and trees. Most of the housing estates are finished to very high degree of quality with impressive stone nameplates. Some are unfinished, and this is regrettable, but this is a national problem and we can only hope that the economy will pick up sufficiently to enable people to buy the houses.

Roads, Streets and Back Areas:

I referred to the corner across from Higgins garage and I am very surprised that it is left in that horrible condition. You could impress on the people responsible to take immediate action at this junction. The footpath looked to me to be in a dangerous condition for lots of people especially for children and people with impaired vision. Over this large area there will be ongoing maintenance required on the roads with all the traffic. The road sign is broken at Kenny’s corner and a few others are also damaged.

General Impression:

I could see the “footprints” of an imaginative and enthusiastic people all over the town where you are making a great effort to make Athenry a better and safer place to live in.